The Silver Lining | The Friday Five

1. While my first draft I just finished marinates and I come up with fixes for the outstanding issues I’m still mulling over, I’ve been playing around with a new YA WIP, tentatively titled MISJUDGED. This one attacked me back in Scotland, coming at me fully formed. It kept poking me the last two weeks, wondering why I kept ignoring it. The protagonist is impatient in the book too, so this all makes sense. I started writing a few days ago, and wow, I feel like a vehicle, just transcribing what the characters are telling me. It’s almost like cheating because I’m not even working hard to get this book out. It’s already there, I just need to put it on paper. It reminds me of high school when I used to "cheat" by memorizing the answers and storing them in my head until the test. Or at least it felt like cheating because I didn’t have to work hard at that either since I have a photographic memory. Last night I wrote what I think is an adorable first kiss scene between my protagonist and her love interest. These two have such chemistry, they really are kind of perfect for each other. Too bad I’m going to have to ruin that for them in the next scene! And I don’t feel bad about it. Current word count: 8500

2. What is this white stuff I see falling outside my window? I do not approve. Unless it is a practice round of confetti in preperation for New Year’s? Yes, that is what it must be. It’s sticking to the roads here in NYC. I already can’t wait for what’s sure to be an adventure tonight: my commute!

3. Hanukkah begins Sunday night at sundown, and do you know what that means? I get my Kindle! My mom bought it during the Oprah discount even though I know discounts are always a sign of a new version on the horizon. I didn’t care though. I’ve been yearning for one for months. I’m also going to a family Hanukkah party this weekend, and I’ve been assigned a pasta dish.

4. I just confessed to my sister over gchat that I’m itching to watch High School Musical 2 again because I’m in it’s-so-bad-it’s-good choreography withdrawal. I want to see Zac Efron leap in the air and spill sand out of his jazz hands. She replied, "That’s too random. I just rented that movie." Great minds?

(I know this is the 2nd time I’ve blogged about Zac Efron. I swear do not have an obsession with him, but I do love it when he dances. I seriously need a Zac animated gif right about now.)

5. Does anyone else use gmail dashboard widgets on a mac? Mine stopped working about  a week ago at both work and home. So it’s not the computer. I tried downloading other types of widgets, but nothing seems to be synching to gmail’s server. This is annoying because I have a habit of clicking on my dashboard about once every five minutes. Now I must manually navigate over to the gmail tab in my browser instead of just hitting a hot key. Any help in fixing this appreciated!

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