The Silver Lining | Happy Hanukkah!

It’s now sundown here on the east coast, so to everyone who celebrates, may your latkes be crispy and your candles stay lit for eight nights. Get out those dredles and win some gelt!

And Just for fun, there’s a link to Adam Sandler’s Chanukah song under the cut. If I can get it to work, that is. But look at the shiny new CSS I learned this weekend. I’m still tweaking, but I redesigned my blog for a less-depressing color theme. ( designed this theme if you’re interested. I’m working on altering it to my needs. But first I needed to educate myself in CSS. When I studied web design in college back in the archaic days of 2003, we only learned HTML. I know, it’s like the ice age melted.)

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    • Me too! I like the 2nd version better than the first though because one of my fave 90s bands, Veruca Salt, is mentioned. But I couldn’t find a good video.

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