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WIP Progress Update
After writing 7k this weekend, I hit 15k on my first draft of Misjudged. I am still in shock at how easily this one is coming out of me. I had to change the setting after I got a much better idea that solved some plot holes I knew would arise from the previous setting. I don’t like to revise until after the first draft is complete, so I made a note of what needs to change and wrote from that point on keeping the new setting in mind. This weekend, I tackled what should be one of the most pivotal scene in the book. And controversial. If I nailed it, it should be interpreted in several ways, leaving the reader to contemplate if my protagonist is innocent or guilty. She’s not sure either, and that’s what I’m going for. I want readers and characters to see both sides of the argument and decide for themselves. I’m very proud of the scene, though I did spend several weeks watching it in my head until I knew every line of dialogue perfectly. By the time I put it down, it felt like it already existed and I just recorded it.

I know a lot of people are taking a week off from writing, but I am so looking forward to using my time off to get out as much as I can on this first draft. The changes to my other WIP ("super secret WIP"), the one my agent is waiting on, are already poking at me. That project is higher priority than this one, so I’ve given myself a January 1st start date to start revisions on Super Secret. (I really need to give this one a title already so I can talk about it here in easier terms. Another goal for January). I’m trained in my day job to multi-task and switch projects at a moment’s notice, so even if I don’t finish the first draft of Misjudged before then, I will work on both simultaneously.

I’m heading to Boston to spend Christmas with my boyfriend’s family. This will be the sixth year I’ve celebrated with them, and we have new additions to the clan each time. There are now two baby cousins and my boyfriend’s brother is bringing his girlfriend, who I hung out with in Scotland and got along great with. I grew up being insanely jealous of Christmas trees and lights, and being quarantined to my house because nothing was open. I’m thrilled to get to celebrate and no longer feel so left out this time of year. Plus, my boyfriend and his family are all gourmet cooks in their spare time, which means I eat well all week. They are also all writers so they understand my need to slip away and spend some quality time with my laptop.

We’re still not done with Christmas shopping, and I won’t incriminate anyone on this blog, but someone thought football was more important than trekking through the cold weather to get the last of our gifts. I would have taken the car out myself, but the roads were dangerous enough without me. I haven’t exactly driven in about four years due to living in an urban area. Oh, and also, I kind of sucked when I did drive. Let’s just say I had a parallel parking spot at my sorority and the girls would run out and take my keys when they saw me approaching the house. And there was that one time I got into an accident with the basketball pole in my parents’ driveway. I swear, it came out of nowhere.

The flu took some of my relatives captive this weekend, so our Hanukkah party was canceled. I did not get the Kindle yet. Strike one, flu. I already disliked you, but now you and I are in a definite fight. I plan on avoiding you, so it’s in your best interest to STAY AWAY.

What are your plans for the holiday? Are you using the time off to spend on writing? On your family? A little of both?

Everyone gives holiday sweets. I prefer this kind of eye candy. Doesn’t matter if his hair is long or short, he is still yummy.

I made him sparkle because I didn’t want the haircut to confuse you. Plus, I think everyone could use a little more sparkle this time of year

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  1. Congrats on the progress!
    Haha…gotta love sparkly Robert Pattinson’s!
    I’m not really doing much this year for Christmas. Seeing some family, which is nice, but that’s probably it.

  2. No writing for me… I’m reading over the next few days. I’m trying to revive an older WIP, and so I’m spending my spare time (what little of it I might find) reaquainting myself with some old character-friends.

    Have a wonderful time in Boston! And thanks for giving me something enjoyable that won’t make me fat!!!

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