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As I mentioned, I’m getting a Kindle from my parents, but I still asked my friends and relatives for a lot of tangible books because I’m a little reluctant to change over to electronic format. I love displaying my books on the bookshelves in my apartment, except now I have so many that I’ve had to stack them in two layer piles. I’ve almost completely run out of room. I think my boyfriend should part with some of his because I refuse to get rid of any of mine. While we’re at it, he should also clean out his closet and give me the extra space.

I put a lot of recently released blue boarders on my list to support them as well as the book industry in general. I know I won’t receive all of these, but I wanted to give a lot of options in case the stores ran out of these titles. Because they totally will sell out, I know it!

And if you have a book coming out or already out, please don’t be offended if you aren’t on this list. I read a lot so chances are I may have already read it or I am planning on purchasing it later. I did ask for an Amazon gift certificate to use with the Kindle for the books not on the list or the ones I don’t receive! I am also going to start writing book reviews on this blog in the new year of titles I’ve already read and will read. I’ll let you know on Thursday which ones I actually receive. Either way, I’m excited to dig in.

What books are on your wishlist this year?

These are in no particular order:

And then some craft books I haven’t read yet, but want to:


Check out other wish lists. If you leave a link in the comments, I’ll put it in the body of this post:
Denise, my awesome critique partner

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  1. Oooh, what a good idea! I never thought about posting my wish list, but I definitely have one! And at least one of mine is the same as yours!

    I’m going to go post mine right now!

    • We shouldn’t overlap so we can trade!

      What I didn’t post in this blog is what I really want: a new book shelf.

      And um, maybe a bigger apartment to put it in.

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