The Silver Lining | The Belated Friday Five

1. Well, my plan to spend all my free time writing this weekend kind of went out the window when it turned out that I didn’t have any free time! I first got on the computer at 11pm the last few nights and by then I was too tired (and a little tipsy) to write. So my word count on Misjudged stands at 22k right now, which is what I got to on Wednesday. But even without a computer near me, I still spent a lot of time thinking about the story and working out issues in my head. The good news is I think I solved some problems that were about to arise in the story (problems like two characters serving the same purpose, another character whose entire personality could be labeled "plot device," stuff like that). I’m going to start making adjustments, but it does mean that I had to lose a good chunk of my outline by combining the two repetitive characters into one. Some of my later scenes will no longer work if these characters are the same person, but it’s okay, now I have a better idea on what to replace them with. Also, I could already see my outline had planned for too much so this will help me streamline. I’m hoping to have more time to write this weekend. We’re driving back to NJ tomorrow morning.

2. I had a great time at Christmas with my boyfriend’s family. I received one of the greatest gifts, a little silver figurine that had been passed down in my boyfriend’s family. This figurine relates to the super secret WIP so I don’t want to reveal what it is just yet, but it’s a really thoughtful gift. I’m going to put it on my desk at home (read: windowsill next to couch) and look at it for inspiration. I also received cashmere gloves from Scotland, a coach purse, pjs, a keychain, a necklace, and I’m blanking on the rest as I type this. I forgot to bring my camera connector, otherwise I’d post a picture. And here were the books I got. I cannot wait to start reading!

3. I’m not really excited about the gifts my boyfriend received. He has a habit of starting hobbies that rob us of our already tight free space in the apartment. Three years ago it was beer brewing. We lost our coat closet to his supplies. Finally he realized he really needs a garden hose and large buckets to brew beer, so all we relocated all the supplies to his parents’ basement. (His parents live 4 hours away, which obviously meant that with the removal of the supplies, he lost interest in the hobby). Next came cocktail making. I had to give up one of my precious bookshelves and replace it with a cocktail bar. At least his cookbooks (of which he has many) moved here, but it meant I had to stack my books instead of displaying them spine out. His parents asked me this week if he still dabbles in this hobby. My response, "Well, he drinks every night, so I guess so!" We all laughed at that. At least he regulates his drinking to one cocktail a night. Now we’re going back to NJ with his brand new hobby. Sous Vide. What is this you ask? It’s cooking vacuum packed food saver items in a warm temperature bath. It’s going to be fun to find a place to store our new supplies:

4. I discovered video chat on gchat this week. It is amazing! Have any of you tried it? I spoke to my mom and sister and showed them all the presents via the video chat. It’s like the Jetson’s. I highly recommend checking it out. Maybe one day I’ll do a vlog.

5. I would love to hear how everyone’s holiday went! What did you get this year? Where did you go? Get any writing done?

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  1. I didn’t even know people did the vacuum packing thing anymore. Wow. So now you’ll have food to go with the nightly cocktails! 🙂

    Our Christmas was very nice and quiet. Because of the weather, we are having a belated celebration with family on New Year’s Day. My DH and I agreed not to exchange gifts this year because we want a new dining table and that will be our gift sometime this coming year.

    As for writing, I did get some done last week, which makes me happy!!

    • The vacuum packing is a new trend apparently. His hobby is cooking, which is excellent, because I get to eat good food AND it keeps him occupied so I can write.

      A nice and quiet Christmas sounds lovely. And I think it’s a great idea to get a dining table instead of presents.

  2. sooo jealous of your new books! i was just telling someone that books are my favorite gift to give and receive, but since i’ve become an adult, i never end up with any around christmastime. what gives?

    your boyfriend sounds a lot like my old roommate. in fact, he totally got into the beer-making habit and took over the entire pantry with all his junk. oh, well – now his fiancee can deal with it. 🙂

    • The only thing I asked for this year was books. (And a Kindle, but that’s related). I also love giving and receiving books! I’m sorry you didn’t get any.

      That’s funny about your old roommate and the entire pantry. My bf’s hobbies would be much more endurable if we had a house instead of a tiny apartment. Hopefully soon.

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