The Silver Lining | Why I’m MIA today…

I apologize for not blogging today but several things prevented it. Here is a rundown:

1. I’ll refrain from political commentary, but I think it’s fair game to say I really enjoyed watching the historic moment play out on TV. I cried. But that’s no surprise. I cry at everything: sappy commercials, reality shows when contestants get kicked off, reality shows when they win, Oprah, etc.

2. Revisions. I’ve already revised chapter 1, sent it to my critique partner and got it back, then implemented her suggestions. Plus I have chapter 2 revised and will be sending that to her tomorrow. Onward! I’ve mostly been rewriting from scratch. A lot of my first draft wasn’t salvageable because I changed so much about the story and the characters. But at least now I have a very concrete plan about what needs to happen in each chapter and I know what mistakes to avoid that I encountered the first time around. I know my characters better too. It’s much stronger and tighter already. The two revised chapters currently totals about 6k but covers nearly 15k from my first draft. That’s how much I’m getting rid of. I did keep one scene from the old draft and altered it to fit my new version, so all is not lost.

3. I accidentally got a pedicure today. I’m not sure how this happened. I’d only meant to leave the apartment to pick up some items from the grocery store and next thing I knew…pedicure. The nail people must have brainwashed me. That’s the only explanation.


Whoa, you were all right, weren’t you? I’d been hearing all these good things and this certainly lives up to the expectations so far. I’m only about 1/3 of the way in, and I admit I’m really scared to get to the violent stuff because I’m more of a Hannah Montana kind of girl rather than a Saw fan. I close my eyes often during Grey’s Anatomy, and I’m still getting over the traumatic experience of reading Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis even though I skipped entire chapters. But still, I’m intrigued and want to know what happens. Katniss is a really unique character. I love strong females.

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    • I’m glad it’s not Saw-level. I figure I can always skim anything really gory. I think it might be okay because at least I’m prepared for the violence.

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