The Silver Lining | New Moon casting, Oscar Noms, and Lost

I’m in the middle of typing up my 2nd post about revision, but I’ll detour for a moment to discuss some pop culture things.

Eonline is reporting that Dakota Fanning is in negotiations to play Jane in "New Moon."

I’m not surprised actually because she has a movie "Push" coming out later this year with Summit and they tend to use people they’ve already worked with.

What do you think?

I personally think it’s a good choice. Not exactly how I pictured the character, but I think she can pull off the roll. It will probably be a fun roll to play.


My sister and I are big fans of the Oscars. We have a family betting pool each year. It’s very competitive. Some surprises: Robert Downey Jr. gets a nom while Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet both get snubbed for Revolutionary Road. This is a bit surprising since she won the Golden Globe for this role. All is not lost, however, she got a nomination for The Reader.

I haven’t seen most of the movies because they are all violent or sad and that’s two things I avoid if possible. I am going to try and watch Benjamin Buttons though, especially because of its achievement in visual effects and I do visual effects for a living. If I lived in California, I would be working on movies. But I live in NY so it’s commercials and TV titles for me.

Anyway, were you surprised by any nominations? Satisfied with them?

Lost premiered last night. The problem with it airing from 9-11pm is my brain was already prepping for sleep. Next week I’ll drink an extra cup of coffee so I’m more alert. Last nights episodes really required a lot of attention and understanding from the audience. You had to recall items and plots from seasons 1 and 2 to understand several things. Thankfully I have a photographic memory so I was able to explain to my bf all the things he would have missed. Like who the lady on the left was.

I was a little confused about one thing. SPOILER WARNING. So Daniel Faraday knocks on the door to Desmond’s hatch and tells him to go back to the island and help the remaining castaways. That part I get. I remember last years episode "The Constant" and why this cry for help is possible. What I don’t get is this. The Oceanic Six scenes all took places three years in the future. Daniel Faraday knocked on Desmond’s door in the present day Lost time line. What I mean is, when Daniel knocked on the hatch door, for him it was immediately after the freighter blew up. As soon as Daniel relayed this info, we flash to Desmond waking up in the Oceanic Six time line, three years in the future, and "remembering" this info. But shouldn’t he have woken up in Daniel Faraday’s time line? That would have been immediately after the freighter crash when he was still on the rescue boat with the Oceanic Six before all their lies started.

Ugh, *headdesk* My brain hurts. Hopefully one of you guys will understand what I just wrote.

Anyway, I definitely enjoyed the episode, it’s certainly one of the most creative forms of storytelling on TV. But I do think they lost (hehe) some of their specialness. One thing I used to love on the show, and this is because my two agented novels both use two time lines that work together to tell a single story, is when they focused on one specific character and told a "present day" and "future/past" plot for that specific character. Usually they did it where both stories kind of had a similar theme and worked together to tell a uniformed tale about that character. They kind of abandoned that last night. Instead of multiple time lines with the same character, we just got multiple time lines, literally, following ALL of the Oceanic Six and ALL of the leftover castaways in the back and forth. The stories didn’t work together (except maybe Desmond’s part). They were completely separate and a little disjointed to me. It’s not that I want the show to focus on one character per episode, but that I want the separate story lines to feel like they are part of the same thing and so each storyline contains a surprise when you realize how they connect. They used to be masters as this time of storytelling, and I’ll admit it influenced my own writing because of my use of the two time line structure. Though I’ve gotten away from that too with my current WIPs, but only because the story required a linear telling.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on last night’s LOST!

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  1. I’m luke warm on Dakotah Fanning. But…the person who plays the new character in book four will rise to super stardom. (Trying not to spoil here, so I hope you know who I mean!)

  2. i’m not a twilight fan, so i have no commentary on the casting, but i have to say: wow – when did dakota fanning turn into such a pretty young lady? i must not have seen her in a few years, because i didn’t even recognize her.

    i was very pleased with the oscar noms because heath was nominated. i think he gave such an amazing performance and was clearly the best part of the dark knight. 🙂

    • I haven’t seen The Dark Knight, mostly because just images of Heath in that make up scare me. But I do think he deserves to win, just from the commercials.

      I agree about Dakota!

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