The Silver Lining | The Friday Five

1. Wow, just wow. I finished The Hunger Games yesterday. I couldn’t put it down, couldn’t sleep the last two nights because it kept me up. Despite being afraid of the violence, none of it bothered me one bit. Maybe I’m more desensitized to this stuff than I think I am? This is definitely one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. Now I understand why so many put it in their top 10 all time lists. I loved Katniss. Loved Peeta. Loved Rue. I cried at one spot, which I’m sure most people could figure out. I won’t post more because it would require spoilers, just know September 2009 can’t come fast enough for Catching Fire.

2. Speaking of books, would you believe I perused my TBR shelf today looking for something YA written in 1st person past tense, and I couldn’t find any? I have over 50 books on my TBR shelf. Everything was either 1st person present or 3rd person past. I actually prefer reading present tense just a tad more than past tense, but after much deliberation with my critique partner, I’ve decided my current WIP needs to be past even though I wrote the first draft in present. So I’m trying to immerse my mind in past tense to make it easier to switch. And I wanted to find a book written that way to help me. You know what this means? Time for a trip to the book store. Although this time it will be the Kindle store.

3. After a year and a half of waiting for my stupid Verizon contract to expire, I’m switching on Monday to AT&T so I can get an iPhone! I can’t wait! Keeping my number of course. Now I can obsess over my email when I’m away from the computer!

4. Progress on my super secret WIP revision is coming along. I’ve got 33 pages out of the 50ish my agent wants revised, critiqued, and polished. I may send her more if I can get them done. I’m trying to get to a specific cliffhanger that will leave her itching for more. The rewriting is going really well this time around. I’m excited about the new directions I took the story because I know it’s a much better book now.

5. Why isn’t it next week yet? I’m so excited to meet up with some of the blueboarders coming to NYC for the SCBWI conference. I’m not going to the conference, but I’m going to meet up for dinner. Now…what to wear?

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  1. oh, i hope you love your iPhone as much as all of my friends do. i’m a nut for apple, but at&t gave me crappy service for so long that i’m afraid i’ll have to wait until they aren’t the exclusive carrier. who knows how long that will be …

    that’s exciting that you get to meet a bunch of blueboarders. i expect a detailed post with lots of pictures. 🙂

    good luck on your revisions! i love it when you get that feeling of it all coming together.

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