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1. This morning I witnessed a live slush pile read through. At least I think so. I was sitting on the subway into NYC and a woman near me had a file folder with lots of slots. Each slot contained a small packet of paper, about the size of a first chapter. They looked like manuscripts with headers. She took one pile out, read a few pages, then put it back in the folder. I have no idea if this person is an agent, editor, or someone unrelated to the pub industry who likes to read books as 8×11 printouts in 10 page increments. But I will say, I watched her go through several of the folder slots, and she never made it past page three. (Was it wrong of me to pay such close attention? I feel kind of bad about that, but man, I was so intrigued I couldn’t drag my eyes away).

2. Check out this excellent interview my critique partnerdenisejaden posted with her agent, Michelle Humphrey!

3. I am SO excited for the Oscars this weekend. My sister and I are part of this big Oscars pool. (I’m also part of an American Idol pool my mom runs). I usually suck at my picks because most of the movies are too violent for my squeamish eyes, though my boyfriend tries to watch every nominated movie before the awards. So I ask for his picks and they are usually wrong. He sucks! Anyway, who do you want to win? Are you excited about the fashions? What about Robert Pattinson presenting? As or who I want to win, since I haven’t seen most of the movies, it’s hard for me to give an actual opinion not influenced by others. I think it would be nice if Heath Ledger won. I did enjoy the Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, but I doubt it will take home the top awards. My boyfriend cried during Slumdog Millionaire, and that’s a big deal! Visual Effects is my favorite category because–in a very very very remote future–it’s the only category I may possibly stand a chance of winning one day. Of course I’d have to move to San Fransisco and become a Technical Director, but the chances of that happening are far greater than the chances of me winning an acting award. (I do Visual Effects for commercials/TV titles out of NYC, therefore, it’s really not all that far off. Plus I’ve worked on CG movies before). A screenplay award could be in my future, but I would need far more practice, and you know, an actual sale.
Image courtesy of 2025 Oscars. I’ve aged so well, haven’t I? And look how hot my future husband is!

4. This week I read WHAT I SAW AND HOW I LIED by Judy Blundell. Wow, this book is gorgeous. I love the voice, very film noir, and the setting was so visual. I enjoyed being in Evie’s head and feeling her raw emotions through her narration. The book is set partly in 1947 New York and partly in Palm Beach, which I found so interesting because I know both of them very well. I live near NYC and I’ve gone down to West Palm Beach, Florida at least once a year for my entire life. My grandparents (now just Grandma) are "snowbirds" and they spend half the year in the northeast and the other half in Florida. So I know the town very well, and I enjoyed its history. Also, my current WIP is set in modern day Florida. Anyway, I’m sure this book is already on your radar due to its National Book Award win, but I highly recommend it. Thanks to Michie on the blueboards for loaning me a copy! I also finally finished INEXCUSABLE by Chris Lynch. I enjoyed the story, but I found the prose repetitive and some of the scenes repetitive as well (i.e. serving the same purpose). I really liked being in the head of an unreliable narrator. Definitely an intriguing book though!

5. I didn’t write anything all week. I’ve been mostly working at the day job, critiquing, and catching up on reading I’ve missed. I’ve been mulling over the outline for the rest of super secret WIP. Also I had a pretty cool idea for a sequel to my book on submission, THE ART OF SELLING MY SISTER. It’s not fully concrete yet, I need to think more about the story arc and character arcs. Once I figure it out, I’ll write up the one-sheet pitch and send it to my agent. So though I didn’t put words to paper, my mind has been working double time for me. I haven’t started on that screenplay yet either because it’s another thing I need to outline first and haven’t had a chance. Wow, I have a lot of projects going at once, haha. I’m just trying to keep my mind off stressing over the submission process and also waiting on my agent’s thoughts on my new WIP. As soon as I sent it off, of course I thought of two things I wanted to change. Luckily they are only minor line edits and shouldn’t affect her opinion, though one gives me a better cliff hanger for the partial. I have an idea for a vlog and I am going to try to film it this weekend. That should keep me distracted!

How did everyone do on the week of good news? I know a few people on the blueboards who got some! I want to hear from more people!

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    • I actually see people reading large packets of paper often, sometimes even marking them up with comments, but this is the first time I ever saw what might have been the slush pile.

  1. I’ve never watched the Oscars. Then again, I’m a very sucky movie-goer (haven’t even been to a theatre since 2006), so I doubt it’d keep my interest.

    Also, so jealous that you (possibly) saw a slush-pile reading. I would’ve stared shamelessly, too.

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