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I was hoping to bring the warm weather back with me to NYC, but it didn’t fit in my suitcase. As much as I’m an overwriter, I’m also an overpacker. Tomorrow I’ll post part 2 of my "how to make an unsympathetic character sympathetic" series. I’m a little busy today, so I’ll give you a recap of my trip:

Day 1: Rain
Day 2: Rain
Day 3: Rain
Day 4: Sun! I got some color! Unfortunately that color was BRIGHT RED. Also, I got what I call a book tan. i.e. the insides of my elbows stayed pasty white because I bent my arms to read the book. The shadow of the book also left my stomach without tan. This blotchy tan would normally be fine, but I have a wedding to go to this weekend and my arms look a little…artistic. Tanning = fail.
Day 5: I got a delightful tour of the airport while my plane chilled on the runway without boarding for 2 hours longer than it should have. Bright side? I watched 2/3 of TWILIGHT on the plane! Rpattz does make time fly by. We had one of those international planes where you can choose the movie. I would have watched the entire thing, but I apparently have very bad time management skills and started the movie too late.

The thing about going to Florida to visit a grandparent at her retirement community? It’s like going to a foreign country. You have to adjust to a new time zone. Everything is earlier! I woke up earlier, went to bed earlier, and most importantly, ate meals earlier. My grandma freaked out when my sister and I tried to push dinner later than 6pm (which, you know, is a minimum of an hour earlier from when I normally eat). So now I’m readjusting to the time difference at home. I was starving way early this morning because I’m now on a different schedule. Also with the foreign country, there’s different customs and dialects to get used to. Like, my grandma still uses a lot of old fashioned phrases. I really needed a translation book to decipher what she was trying to say. Grandma to English.

My grandma is quite a character. She has a bit of a shopping problem, which I may or may not have inherited. Her house has like 7 walk-in closets and they are FILLED with clothes. She never wears the same outfit twice. And she’s always matchy, matchy. Her eyes light up when she walks into a store, and she’ll fight you to the death for the last cute shirt in her size. She’s very stylish too! We like to joke around that she’s completely oblivious to everything except fashion. She also can’t live without her cake, which is why we had to make all those early bird specials. When I was younger, the first book I ever "wrote" was called BLOOPERS, BLOOMERS, AND GRANDMA. I say "wrote" because I was five-ish and mostly dictated it to my mom. It was non-fiction and chronicled all the funny things my grandma did. Let’s just say I got a lot more material on this trip. I’m thinking of making her a character in a WAY later book just because she’s so quirky and fun as far as grandma’s go. I don’t have a place for this type of character in any of my current WIPs though.

I read three and a half books while I was down there, hacked into some sporadic internet that made me remember the old days of dial up and waiting for AOL to connect (and Prodigy!), and took long walks around the neighborhood with my sister that turned into marathon sprints when it started downpouring on us. You’d think we’d learn our lesson about Florida rain the first time we went walking. (It could be raining at one house, but not the other, and it starts and stops without warning). I’m also now an expert in the gameshow network, my grandma’s TV program of choice. I love her though, and I’m glad my sister and I spent some quality time with her. And I do mean quality.

All in all, it was educational and relaxing. Hope you all had a great week! I’ll be back tomorrow with regular programming.

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  1. How fun! My mom’s mom died when I was 19, so I never really got to know her as an adult (she was also a shopper). My dad’s mom is still going strong, but she spent most of my 20s and early 30s dealing with my grandpa, who had diabetes. But now that he’s gone, I’ve had many fun moments with her (and now she’s ‘Gigi’ to my kiddos).

  2. Shana, your grandma sounds like a real find! I bet you had a great time with her! I love how there’s a different time zone in one of those communities! too funny!

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