The Silver Lining | Friday Five

1. GO SYRACUSE! Yay! I’m very excited for the Sweet 16 game tonight. My BF and I may go into NYC to watch it, except I’ve already been informed of 3 bars people are going to, and I’m very indecisive. And lazy. Which means we’ll probably stay in the apartment.

2. I turn 28 on Monday. Though I wanted to lay low for this one because it seems so uneventful, I do have a week of dinner plans with various people. Somehow my birthday always turns into a week-long celebration. But I really do feel like, "So what? 28 is boring. Contact me again in two years when I can cry on your shoulder." (But I *am* getting the Twilight DVD, so that’s something to look forward to! And hopefully a ring? HA! The chances of that are most likely ZERO).

3. This weekend one of my girlfriends from college is getting married. I’m so excited! This is the first wedding I’m going to where I’ll actually know people there besides the bride or I’m not related to anyone in the wedding party. However, what I’m really looking forward to? Hopefully snapping a good photograph. I really need to change my Facebook photo. My sister nags me about it all the time. I tried to take some in Florida, but the humid weather played a fun practical joke on me and turned me into the Bride of Frankenstein as soon as I stepped outside.

4. I’ve been working hard outlining my revision for the super secret retelling book. I sent all my ideas to my crit partner, denisejaden  earlier this week and she approved them and gave me some excellent suggestions! I’ve also been reading a lot of retellings and doing a lot of research on the original source material I’m using. I see the mistakes I made the first time around and now I think this new version is going to be a thousand times better. I’m quite excited! In the meantime, I’ve actually been revising Misjudged like crazy. I’ve added a lot of scenes, but also took my scalpel to it and sucked out most of its fat. It’s on a very strict diet. So far it’s down to 65k (from 75k), but I have about 1/3 more to go through–a ton more to cut and at least two more scenes to add. I knew during the first draft the middle sagged–doesn’t it always on the first draft?–so that’s where most of my cuts are, getting rid of scenes and speeding up the pace and amping the conflict there’s nothing left to make it droopy. The interesting thing is that I had forgotten most of this book after I wrote it. I remembered the main plot points but not the little things, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised as I’m going through it how much I’m enjoying reading it and also how curious I am to find out what happens! I’ve added in a MUCH better hook this time (different opening scene) and completely amped the conflict. I’m most excited because I’ve had an idea for several years now of something totally conflict-tastic but I could never find a spot for it in a book. I even once tried to turn this idea into a TV pilot that MTV nearly purchased from me, but it didn’t really work as a series like I had hoped. Except–with a little tweaking, this idea TOTALLY works in this book. In fact, it should have been in Misjudged all along! It fits in so well too, so easy to add. I love it.

This revision is going slowly because I’m basically rewriting every single line to either condense it or say it in a more interesting way. My goal is to finish this revision by March 31, send to crit partners, and start on the retelling revision on April 1st. Then hopefully I’ll finish that revision by the end of the month at which time I’ll have critique notes on Misjudged and can do a switcher-roo. This schedule works really well because I can keep coming back to each book with fresh eyes.

5. I read Wintergirls this week. I Could. Not. Put. This. Book. Down. The voice is gorgeous. Sometimes I had to stop and just keep re-reading sentences over and over because they were so lovely, I wanted to savor them. This is by far my favorite Laurie Halse Anderson book, and that’s saying something. This book had some very big shoes to fill because I adore all her others. The book is dark and Lia is so damaged, it broke my heart being in her head. Anorexia is a topic that’s close to my life, without going into details, I know a lot of girls who have suffered from it. I recongized a lot of the rituals Lia did, and as scary as they seemed in the book, I know how truthful they are. Beautiful book! I think I need to reread it just so those beautiful sentences can wrap around me again, seep into my head, and maybe sprinkle me with some sort of Magic Fairy Muse dust. This is one of those books that make me jealous I didn’t create these phrases myself! Anyway, what are you doing still reading this? Go! Pick it up already!

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