The Silver Lining | Watch Me on Jimmy Fallon Tonight!

Not as a guest, but that would have been cool! I paraded my birthday celebration all through NYC today, plus did a little bit of research for my WIP. One of my stops took me to the stand-by line for the Jimmy Fallon show, and we got in the audience! So if you stay up late, check it out. I’m all the way in the back on the side, I think third row from the back. Bill Hader, Emma Roberts, Ozzy and Sharon Osborne, and the band Glasvegas were on the show. That was great, because I have a big crush on Bill. I have some crappy cell phone pics of him to post tomorrow. If you all remember my Scotland picture show from December, you’ll know just how awesome my picture taking skills are.

During the end credits, Jimmy ran through the audience so I’ll probably be visible then. My mom is sitting next to me. There were a bunch of audience members that went on stage for a sketch and also during the musical performance, I was not one of those.

This is what I’m wearing:
Sorry about the lighting, I took this quickly on my couch with my computer webcam.

Want to know what talk show hosts do during commercial breaks? They twitter!

Anyway, I’ll do a recap tomorrow, but now I’m rushed to get ready for dinner with my boyfriend.

I had a great day so far! 28 doesn’t really feel much different than 27. Except that now I can rhyme my age with a lot more words. That should be useful…never.

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  1. Wow, 28…not much happened that year for me. DH and I didn’t start dating until I was 29, for instance 😉 I’m glad your day went well — happy birthday, Shana!

    • Thanks! I had a great time at Jimmy Fallon. We didn’t think we’d get in because they took so many people ahead of us on the stand-by line. So that was a nice surprise!

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