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1. Yep, LJ contacted me and my post is most definitely dead. I am so annoyed! But since the glass is always half full for me, we have a motto in graphics (since our computers are always crashing and we lose work). The motto is you can usually recreate the work in half the time the 2nd time around. So that’s the philosophy I will be banking on. From now on, I’ll be composing my post in Word and then adding images later. Better safe than sorry! On Monday look for the next post in my book trailer series.

2. My bf and I were supposed to drive to Boston last night, but he ended up working really late so he thought it would be best if we left at 4:30am. 4am and I don’t hang out often enough so it was good to spend a little quality time together. We didn’t hit traffic, but that pesky sunrise in our line of vision became a real nuissance. The sun sure took its sweet time getting into position. We’re here now. He‘s working from home today, and I’m trying to get some writing done (though I did take a nap when we first arrived). There is some whispering about possibly going ring shopping tomorrow. The whispering may mostly be coming from my mouth, but hey, you gotta be aggressive when your boyfriend is lazy! We’re also here to celebrate Easter, which in his foodie family is all about the meal. So I guess this means I’m a bad Jew because although I made matzo ball soup, I did not attend any Sedars and I ate a sandwich for lunch. I suck!

3. Speaking of the boyfriend, his mother is a published poet (seriously, I found the one person in his entire family who DOES NOT write. His brother has an MFA in creative writing) and her latest poem is featured at Literal-Latte. Check it out here if you’re interested.

4. Is it pathetic that my sister who is 25 and I bought tickets next week for the Hannah Montana movie? I’ve also seen every episode of the show. We’re both trying to convince our bfs to see Seventeen Again with Zac Efron the following week. My bf won’t admit it, but he REALLY wants to see that movie. He loved HSM2, loves Zac, and his favorite movie is 13 Going on 30. I’ve trained him well.

5. I want to wish everyone a Happy Passover and a Happy Easter!

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  1. It took a lot of stress before I could get a proposal out of my now-husband (and actually, I proposed first, and then he did it right when the rings came in)…there’s something about the upper 20s and lower 30s in males — commitment in not in their vocabulary! I hope it goes well with the whispers, though 🙂

    • That’s so cool that you proposed first! How did you do it?

      (The lack of commitment thing is getting ridiculous because we have been living together for 6 years. We’ll be legally binded by common law marriage before we actually get married! And I’m under his health insurance as a “domestic partner” so the government even knows we’re together all this time).

      • I wasn’t romantic or anything — I just said, “So, do you want to get married or not?”

        He said, “I do” — and before he could add the usual qualifiers (in a few years), I said, “When shall we shop for rings?”

        I think he was in shock 😉 But he did actually propose when the rings came in — and we were married two months later!

  2. I saw the Hannah movie, it was my bday present for my 5 year old… She dressed as Hannah and kept telling me happy birthday!

    You’re in Boston???? I’m in Boston! 😉

    • Oooh where in Boston are you? (Not that I really know distances). I am a little outside Boston right now in Needham, MA. Do you know where that is?

      How was the movie!? That’s so cute your daughter dressed up as Hannah!

      • I’m in northbridge, and yeah, of course I know where needham is! (btw, big bank robbery in needham last week!)

        How long are you in MA for?

        • I heard about the bank robbery! And there was a bomb scare so they closed off the commuter rail and everything. Freaky!

          We’re here until tomorrow evening. We came up to celebrate Easter with my bf’s family. Supposedly we’re going to a mall in Natick in a bit to look at engagement rings (and shop). This sounds too good to be true, haha.

  3. I was just asking myself yesterday if it’s wrong that I really want to see the Hannah Montana movie. 😉 I love the show and watch it all the time! I also love Sonny With a Chance and iCarly (which isn’t on Disney, but I still group it in with the others anyway).

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