The Silver Lining | Thankful Thursday

My last post was super!long, so I’ll compensate by making this one teeny tiny.

1. I’m thankful my revisions are going so well. This is the super secret retelling project that I already wrote wrong twice, but now it’s FINALLY coming together and I’m positive this version is "the one!" I sort of had a gut feeling with previous versions that something was off. I just couldn’t figure out what. My agent helped with this, and now I’m sure this version is what I should have done all along. It feels right. I’m changing most of the story, basically only keeping the romance, and I have a much, much better overall story arc with more conflict and quirky, fun, sympathetic characters. My crit partners love my new ideas! I love my new ideas! And I’m pretty positive my agent will too because I know what she likes and I know what I write best. So yay for revisions clicking.

2. I’m thankful for all those wrong words I wrote because they helped me find the right ones.

3. I’m thankful for my awesome critique partner and the time she’s squeezing out of her busy schedule to read the 2nd draft of Misjudged and the thought-provoking discussions we’ve been having about it. I’m also thankful she lets me run all my revision ideas by her for the retelling project and that she’s not too overwhelmed by my prolific multitasking. It’s a miracle she doesn’t hate me for sending such looooong emails.

4. I’m thankful Entertainment Tonight will be showing clips from New Moon starting April 23rd!!! When they were filming Twilight, I stalked the Twilight Moms set reports and YouTube so I could get glimpses of the various scenes. I waited impatiently until I could hear Rpattz’s American Accent. Yes, I am a dork! But there’s been NOTHING for New Moon so far and that makes me sad. So yay for news coverage of the filming!

Okay, that’s as tiny as I can get in a blog post. This really took a lot of restraint on my overwriter self, lol.

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    • It will not resemble the version you saw! Not even a little bit. For one, there are no parents in my new version, lol. Also, my protagonist isn’t an artist anymore! (But I am saving the old parent thread for a different WIP because everyone seemed to like it even if it’s too dark for this book now.)

  1. Good luck tackling your super secret WIP! I’ve had pesky books like that a lot. It’s always so grating, especially when I have to rewrite it more than once, but finally getting the book “right” is so, so worth it.

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