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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I did some spring cleaning and reduced my two book shelves into one book shelf to make some room in my apartment. That left me with a lot of books to giveaway! So I decided to have a contest and I’ll donate the left over books to the library.

Here are the contest rules:

1. Comment on any of my posts this week to receive one entry. (No limit to how many comments you can make).
2. Advertise this contest on your blog, twitter, facebook, wherever and link me back to it in the comments of this post to receive an extra entry
3. Friend me on LJ, twitter, facebook, or subscribe to this blog in a blog reader and get an extra entry (if you already friend me, just leave me a comment here and mention it to receive the extra entry)
4. Post an excerpt from teen/childhood writing (READ BELOW FOR MORE INFO) on your blog or here in the comments and link me back to it in the comments of this post to receive FIVE extra entries. I’ll keep a log of all the entries in another post so people can find them easily and read them all if they want. Post as many excerpts as you like until Sunday, but each one will require a new link to make it easiest for me to keep track.
5. Enter as many times as you like, really, I don’t care, I just want to give away books! So if you do all of the above once, you can get 8 entries. If you do it a second time, it doubles, make sense?
6. You don’t have to post high school writing to enter, just a comment will do.
7. Contest ends Tuesday April 28th at 11:59 pm est.
8. On Wednesday April 29th, I’ll put all the names in a hat and pick it live in a vlog. Check back here to see if you won.
9. This contest is open to US and Canada residents. I don’t have the funds to ship overseas, sorry!
10. No anonymous posts because I need a way to contact you if you won.

What do you win?

1st place will win their choice of EIGHT books listed below
2nd place will win their choice of SIX of the remaining books
3rd place will win their choice of FOUR of the remaining books
The rest I’ll donate to the library

Here are the list of books to choose from:

GINGERBREAD by Rachel Cohn (mass market)
SHRIMP by Rachel Cohn (hardcover)
SAY THE WORD by Jeannine Garsee (ARC)
SKIN DEEP by E.M. Crane (Hardcover)
FLAVOR OF THE WEEK by Tucker Shaw (paperback)
SCRAMBLED EGGS AT MIDNIGHT by Brad Barkley & Heather Helper (paperback)
SAVING ZOE by Alyson Noel (paperback)
LOVE SICK by Jack Coburn (hardcover)
NAOMI AND ELY’S NO KISS LIST by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan (hardcover)
OH. MY. GODS. by Tera Lynn Childs (hardcover)
SLAM by Nick Hornby (hardcover)
SWOLLEN by Melissa Lion (hardcover)
GAMMA GLAMMA by Kim Flores (arc)
IT’S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY by Ned Vizzini (hardcover)
CHEATING AT SOLITAIRE by Ally Carter (paperback)
GUTIAR HIGHWAY ROSE by Brigid Lowry (paperback)
GIRL OVERBOARD by Justina Chen Headley (hardcover)
THE POISON APPLES by Lily Archer (hardcover)
TWO WAY STREET by Lauren Barnholdt (paperback)
DESCRIPTION (Elements of Fiction) by Monica Wood (paperback)
DOING IT by Melvin Burgess (hardcover)
CRIMES OF THE SARAHS by Kristen Tracy (paperback)
MARKED by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast (paperback)
HOW TO BE BAD by E. Lockhart, Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle (hardcover)
THE SPELL BOOK OF LISTEN TAYLOR by Jaclyn Moriarty (hardcover)

Again, if you are the author of one of these books, please don’t be offended that I’m giving it away. Please see yesterday’s post for an explanation of how I decided which books to keep and which to give away.

I wanted to do something fun for this contest. In March, I attended the NYC Teen Author Event where a bunch of authors read from their craptastic teenage writing. I have seriously never laughed so hard in my life. Some read fairy tales they wrote as kids. Some read excerpts from novels they wrote as a teen. Some read angst ridden poetry. Some read short stories. I haven’t stopped thinking about that event. I don’t know about you guys, but I have some truly terrible writing from high school. I think it would be fun if anyone who wanted to participate posted some of their funniest/worst writing from high school and we all had a good laugh.

I’ll give you an example. When I was 16/17, I wrote a 75k novel that had NO PLOT, no character names (seriously! what was I thinking?), and mostly contained existential ponderings (influenced by Camus’ The Stranger, Hamlet, and a few other high school curriculum required reading). It also had a theme about giving up on hope! lol. I’m thankful I had the very good sense never to revise or attempt to query this monstrosity, but I did make my poor mother read it and some of my friends (they all loved it. *eyeroll* Yeah, I totally believe that, haha). I also have TEN notebooks filled with angsty teen poetry or song lyrics. I also kept a detailed diary while in high school. Plus I wrote lots of short stories. I’m going to try to post an excerpt from each of these formats over the course of the week to encourage people to read and laugh. Please make fun of them! That’s the point. I won’t be offended, I promise, I know these suck and other than entertaining people with my terrible writing examples, these writings just sit in my apartment collecting dust.

Note: I do have the 75k high school novel called YOU ARE HERE backed up on a Lacie drive, but my stupid mac short circuited yesterday–the charger part–so I’m bringing it in to be serviced tomorrow, but until I get it working again, I can’t actually get that novel off my backup drive since it’s formatted for mac. As soon as I get it off, I’ll post some hilarious excerpts, but for now I’ll copy some of my poetry and things I have in notebooks.

And to comply with the contest, I’ll post some very, very bad song lyrics I wrote. I wrote these in either eighth or ninth grade because I can tell by the handwriting and the notebooks they are in. I’ll post a few just to get things moving. These are supposed to be bad so feel free to laugh! Oh, I should also note that I was NEVER in a bad, but that didn’t stop me from filling a gazillion notebooks with song lyrics. These also kind of "borrow" the tunes from some of my favorite songs back then. I doubt you’ll be able to figure out what songs exactly because I listened to obscure music back then. Also, some of these are fictional song lyrics. I almost wrote nothing autobiographically unless it was in my diary. I’ve always wanted to write fiction!

I particularly love the contradictions in these poems, the lines that just don’t make sense or are forced in to rhyme, and the fact that I got nearly every your/you’re wrong in my notebooks, haha.


Everything must end
But it has to begin first
The question is when
When life will quench the thirst

Everything is clear
Foggy all the time
There is nothing to fear
That’s why I’m frightened all the time

The time of the past is right
And everything sets in
We tried to end the fight
And all I did was win

Emptiness fills the air
Oblivion is gone
Everything’s not there
Everything’s all wrong

Blackened by the hate
Brightness overfows
The future’s out of date
The past will always show

Again chorus

Yesterday has passed
A wrinkle in eternity
Future spells are cast
Drowned by the roaring sea
The world shakes again
A tear falls from the sky
The pain will never end
The people will never try



Walking through
A maze of starlights
Can’t get through
Blind the car lights

Melt me down
Simmer my insides
And when I’m found
I’ll just run and hide

I am lost
And I’m never found
I’m undone
And fully unwound
I’m unattached
By nothing to be bound
But when I’m found
I’ll still be

Close my eyes
Emptiness instills me
The world’s disguise
Has come to kill me

Swallow me whole
Engulf my outsides
But my only goal
Is to run and hide



Last night I dreamed of future days
I dreamed I was walking in a cloud of wonder
My satin gown floated on the floor
And outside I could hear the thunder

I heard laughter echoing through
But when I looked all was empty
I closed my eyes and I saw you
And I knew it was all perfect

I dreamed you soothed my fears with your words
You held me in your arms forever
But as time went on you seemed to fade
That trick you pulled wasn’t very clever

I opened my eyes and looked around
I shook my head back into reality
i was lost again but now I’m found
But I wish it was still you and me

I squinted past the rising sun
Hoping to see beyond its existence
The knot I tied has come undone
The moment I had with you was only an instant

So now I wait for night to fall
Until I can be with you a plenty
But in my way there’s an obstacle
It’s called daylight and it’s deadly

*hehe, I found this one incredibly embarrassing, so enjoy!

Our lips embrace
From touch to touch
Sweetness surrounds
The lust of such

Our tongues tangle
A web of love
When heaven meets hell
Angel above

I know it’s just a fantasy
When will you know what you mean to me
Why can’t it be what it’s meant to be
I’m just opposed to reality

A lonely room
With me and you
Embracing your arm
You say, "I love you too"

This fairy tale
Must come to an end
Wish you were mine
Lover and friend


Standing here
Alone at last
Nothing to fear
The future has passed

Another day
Blinks before my eyes
Nothing to say
Everyone lies

A solitary thought
Is all I feel
The pain is gone
Nothing is real

Sand drifts through my fingers
A memory of the past
Rain drops fall through eternity
Nothing good could ever last

Through the wings of time
A bird will always fly
As sadness overthrows
Nothing to cry

Another wish is made
Lost in the dust
A friend is always there
Nothing to trust


*I’m pretty sure I read this one at a high school poetry slam in 9th grade

I see your face in the twilight
I don’t know who you are
I wonder where you’re going
if you’re going far

Your memory is in my heart
I’ll always hold it true
Your flaws and strengths together
Are the things that make you you

I can’t see every detail
I see you but an instant
That moment of my time
Leaves a lasting imprint

Your face is etched in stone
It’s embedded in my mind
Your silhouette’s a shadow
I know now why love is blind


You move to your destination
With such ease and with such grace
You’re ignorant to the fact
That I’m watching your beautiful face

As I stare at you in awe
You don’t give me a glance
My heart is in the right place
I only want a chance


Your life keeps going on
But mine just stays the same
My life will always be empty
Because I don’t know your name

So every day I see you
And you don’t know I’m there
Another face int he distance
To keep me in despair

Over the next few days I have some fun excerpts to post. I have more angsty poetry. I found a letter I wrote to a guy I had a crush on. I used to have a habit of doing this. It was very My So-Called Life because Angela writes Jordan a letter she never means to send in one of the early episodes. Except I always gave the guys the letters. I have one of my discarded drafts. Very embarrassing, but whatever! I also have some Sailor Moon poetry I wrote if anyone wants to see that. I have some song parodies I wrote, but those aren’t as fun. I found part of a weird short story I wrote in a math book, I can never tell if these things were autobiographical or fiction because I have a lot of fictional poetry too.


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29 Responses

  1. I also have some Sailor Moon poetry I wrote if anyone wants to see that.


    The Juvenilia Panel was so awesome. Those marvels of literature are seared into my brain.

  2. 1. Commenting away!

    2. Linked:

    3. Already LJ friends.

    4. Craptacular teen writing? Let me see… here’s one I started when I was about 16. I think this excerpt was written at age 17 or 18:

    Grizgram ate like a bear with silverware, manners pretentiously vulgar. He smacked his lips on the stew meant for tomorrow, insisting that Ravelda and Ylva sit and eat with him. Rain drummed on the roof.
    “I’m not hungry,” stammered Ravelda, spoon shaking in her hand.
    “Say Pa,” growled Grizgram.
    “I’m not h-hungry, Pa,” repeated Ravelda, recoiling from this forced familiarity.
    “You need to eat, girl! Get some curves on that spindly body of yours!”
    As Grizgram guffawed, Ylva slipped by his side. She held a slender cobalt bottle in her hands – a secret stash of vodaël she kept for spiking holiday cakes.
    “Are you thirsty?” she asked, voice quavering.
    “That’s more like it!” Grizgram grinned, gravy dangling on his lip. “Fill her up.”
    Grizgram’s cup soon brimmed with amber liquor. He slurped heartily and shouted, “Why aren’t you eating, girl?”

  3. I’m now following you on twitter and friended you on facebook. 🙂

    Since I’m currently 17, does that mean I can post my bad writing now or more the really bad 10-14 year old stuff. lol


  4. Old Work *facepalm*

    So, this is ancient, and yes, I was heavily into the Redwall series by Brian Jacques at the time. *cringe* 😛

    In a large maple tree at the edge of the Greenwood Forest, looking over the raging river, a silent figure watched with interest the scene below. Dunebane was a handsome marten, with tawny, sable flecked fur, and intense black eyes. He wore a scarlet wide sleeved tunic, a brown vest, fastened round the middle by a tough, black belt. A gray, hooded cloak shadowed his face, and he sported brass bracelets on sinewy paw, several gold earrings hung in his keen, pointed ears. He tossed his back the hood of his cloak, clasping a quarterstaff in both paws.

    As he watched, a wild looking, silver-furred marten came tearing out of the woods, looking behind her. She stumbled and fell, but immediately righted herself and ran on, only to slide to a halt at the sight of the huge, impassible river fifty yards ahead of her. Dunebane flicked his dark eyes to the direction that the silver furred marten had come, and stiffened slightly at the sight of about a dozen tough looking squirrels and hares bounding out of the woods and ran straight at the lone marten. Dunebane stood up on the wide, low hanging branch he was perched on, watching intently as the shouting hares and squirrels, all brandishing weapons, ran straight at the female marten.


    Oy. *hides* o.O

    Hope it entertains ya. O:)

    • Re: Old Work *facepalm*

      Ha! I love it! Though I don’t think you’re using nearly enough adjectives or commas. The more the merrier, that’s what writer’s always say, right? haha.

  5. Pretty much everything I wrote as a high school and college student was discarded. That happens when your childhood home is sold and you aren’t there to help sort through things. As horrible as those pieces may have been, they were mine, and I miss them.

    • Aww, I’m sorry your stuff was sold. That sucks! I happen to have mine because I brought all my old notebooks with me to college and then to my apartment. I apparently couldn’t part with them, haha. But I save everything, and I was also good a backing up files even in hs so I have most of my essays still.

  6. One point for commenting
    One point for being friended

    I really wanted those 5 points, but I can’t remember the passwords I put on my files from youth. :(( See, I thought my stuff was SO GOOD that someone might steal it and get it published and live on all my riches. Whenever I figure it out, post-contest no doubt, I’ll post it in my LJ. It’s such a fantastic idea. 😀

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