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1. I’ve been really busy with a work deadline this week so I’ll keep this short! Said work deadline has made it difficult to get much writing and critiquing done. I’m holding steady right now at 35k, with a scene I’m SUPER excited to write up next (it’s a kissing scene in an unusual setting, w00t!). Writing this scene will be a reward for my forced slacking this week. However, I did write my favorite scene so far in the book this week (soon to be rivaled by the upcoming kiss).

2. One thing I’m surprised about this week is that Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that the Lily-centric 80s fab Gossip Girl spinoff is not dead. I bring this up because recently I eavesdropped on a few editors twitter-chatting about 80s-set novels and whether they would be successful. I’m not sure why the Gossip Girl spin off failed, there’s a flashback episode airing Monday that was supposed to serve as a backdoor pilot (Private Practice style), so until I watch it, I can’t come up with any theories other than the episode most likely didn’t test well or the execs at the network had more promising series (like the vampire show based on YA novels). The thing that surprises me is Gossip Girl already has a built in audience that would follow the show…so what caused it to fail? Is it the setting? Not enough interest in the Lily character as a teen? I don’t write historical (if the 80s could be considered that), but I thought I’d bring this question up to anyone who does because I’m curious about how this might be related to acquisitions in the pub industry.

3. Speaking of TV, can I just talk about how excited I am for finale week? LOST is the one I’m most looking forward to, though I’ve been disappointed (haven’t felt we’ve really learned much we didn’t already know about Dharma) as well as delighted (really love the time travel stuff and some of the changing character roles/relationships) with some things from this season. I love the Big Bang Theory, though I’m not expecting any major cliff hangers here. Gossip Girl should be fun as they try to debunk the mysterious blogger’s identity (plus I’m hoping for some Blair/Chuck reuniting). Hopefully Izzie will die on Grey’s Anatomy (I can’t stand her, sorry fans of the character). I’m hoping Adam takes it all on American Idol, LOVE him. And though it has lukewarm ratings and a very slim chance of returning for a 2nd season, I’ve found myself completely hooked and looking forward to every episode of Dollhouse. So I’m super excited for tonight’s (series?) finale.

What shows are you looking forward to?

4. I forgot to mention this, but a few weeks ago I lent my mom some YA books to take on vacation with her. I gave her two books in the Luxe series and Audrey Wait! She devoured the Luxe books and then brought Audrey Wait with her to the pool. She was laughing so hard, a woman actually came over to see what book she was reading because my mom was obviously enjoying it so much. Mom showed her, and the lady is excited to buy the book. My subtle ways of converting adults to YA are working better than expected. Two down, a lot more to go.

5. Happy mother’s day to all the mother’s out there! I’m going to my parents’ house for the weekend to spend it with my mom.

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  1. i’m cracking up that you said you wished Izzie would just die. surprisingly, i’ve come around to her more lately, but i’ve hated her for most of the series. pretty much, couldn’t care less whether or not she dies.

    season finales always make me so sad (self-proclaimed TV junkie), but that just means it’s time for the summer series! 🙂

    • I’ve never liked Izzie just because I find her annoying. She really lost me when she put her 8million dollar check on a fridge for months. I just couldn’t support that! (Though I did get behind her donation for the clinic, still, I wanted her to keep SOME of it). But it’s the Denny thing that really made me despise this story. I have no prob with ghosts/illusions in paranormal stories where it has its place, but I felt it was too much out of context for Grey’s and mostly seemed forced because Shonda likes the actor.

      I am a HUGE tv junkie. Like, I’ve been keeping updated on the pilot development process.

      Season Finales make me sad, but I always end up way more productive on my writing in the summer because I have less distractions. There are very few summer shows I watch–though I do get sucked into Big Brother every year.

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