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1. I’m going to try to keep this Friday Five short. It’ll be like opposite day. But I want to write a lot of words in my WIP and I can’t do that if I put the words on the blog instead.

2. I had such a great time at Wednesday’s event at the NYPL where Sarah Cross and other authors read from their books. I was so impressed! A lot of them did different voices for the characters like audiobook narrators. I laughed hard at several of the excerpts. Definitely my kind of books. Now I have a lot more on my TBR to get to!

3. Even though I’m not going to BEA, there are so many events going on that week, I feel like I’m getting ready for a conference. Several book readings. There’s a dinner with blueboarders I’m seriously looking forward to (though I’m nervous no one will like the restaurant I picked!). I can’t wait to meet up with everyone and put more faces to names. I’ll give more details about the events I’m going to, but my Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are jam packed. Good thing I don’t have a job. Ha.

4. My bf and I are going apartment hunting this weekend. We kind of hate the place we live now because it’s cramped. Mostly, I need more closets and my boyfriend doesn’t want to comply by getting rid of his wardrobe and giving me more space. If all goes well, we’ll be trading in our view of NYC for a place with a pool, gym, sauna, and several other luxuries. It’ll mean a slightly longer commute into NYC, but not too bad.

5. I just want to give a virtual hug to all my wonderful Live Journal friends. You guys rock, seriously. Thanks so much for everything!

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  1. Sounds like a pretty good week. I had to pass on going to see Tamora Pierce today…For some reason, her bookstore event was at 4 PM, and I was too tired to drive over there after work.

    Good luck with the apartment hunting. And thanks for the hug! {{Hugs back}}

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