The Silver Lining | Friday Five

1. Apologies for the lack of blogging/twittering this week. I’ve been abnormally busy and had barely any time to actually sit down at the computer and do anything productive. I’m also way behind on my emails, so if you sent me one and I haven’t responded, that’s why. I’m hoping to catch up this weekend.

2. Next week I’ll have a lot of topics to discuss because of all the BEA events. I am going to the teenauthorcarnival, a Backspace drinks night, a blueboarder dinner, an event at Books of Wonder, Cheryl Klein’s kidlit drinks night, and maybe a few other things. I’m very excited! I’m not actually going to BEA, but I’m thrilled it’s in NYC again this year so I can take part in all the various events happening because of it. Last time it was NYC, I was too intimidated and too much of a newbie to venture out of my apartment and mingle.

3. I had a good week of winning things. I picked correctly that Kris would win American Idol. My mom runs an idol pool for about 100 people. There are two contests, one where we rank the top 13 before the final round, and another where we submit weekly picks. I came in 2nd in the top 13 contest and 1st in the weekly picks! So I win money in both. I am the ONLY ONE out of 100 people who had Kris in the finals. I took one look at him all those weeks ago and said, "he’s hot. Those teens will vote for him. He’s going all the way!" Ha! I was right. I also just saw on ‘s blog that I won a copy of Lament by

. I’m so excited to read this and the Shiver ARC we’ll be passing around!

4. As much as I enjoy obsessing over TV, I also love summer because it frees up so much time in my schedule. Now, I do want to reiterate that I have no problem completing everything during the winter (see also last November when I kept up with TV sweeps, worked 12-14 hour days on a major deadline job, read 2-3 books a week, and still managed to write about 80k. It’s the art of multi-tasking, at which I excel.) But anyway, it is nice to have less obligations taking up so many hours per week even if it’s sad not to have anything to watch.

5. What is everyone doing for the three-day weekend (assuming everyone has one)? Going any place exciting? My boyfriend and I are going to hit up the beach Saturday, then go to my parents’ house since they live close to the Jersey shore, then we’ll spend Sunday sitting by my parents’ pool. Josh really wants to go early to the Spotted Pig on Sunday night. We did this last year, same weekend, and it’s one of the only times it’s empty enough to get in! I love their deviled eggs. Monday is cleaning day since we have to get our apartment spic and span for prospective tenants to check it out. (We’re not moving far, just a little further away from the city to get more for our money, trading our 12 minute commute with a 25 minute one.)

Happy Memorial Day!

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