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I haven’t posted one of these in a while, especially not from my book on sub THE ART OF SELLING MY SISTER. So here’s one of my favorite scenes from this novel.

The set-up: my characters are pretending to be newlyweds so they can pull a prank on the cruise ship’s Newlywed game. They are trying to get "in character" here. Earlier in the novel Finn, my protagonist’s love interest, caught her pigging out on the buffet selections and this scene recalls that. Kasey stole rings from her sister before this scene occurred.

At the Lido deck buffet, I waited for Finn. People tried to maneuver around me as I snaked my body left and right to get out of their way. The smell of bacon and eggs made my stomach growl. Finn sauntered in, wearing his white polo shirt and khaki pants. We both wore sunglasses to help hide our eyes. Seeing them on Finn indoors made me realize how conspicuous we appeared.

"Hey hubby, I found your ring. You better take good care of that thing since it’s our wedding ring and all." I handed him the ring.

"Thanks, honey. What would I do if I wasn’t married to you?"

"Well, you’d be ringless, that’s for sure."

“Where’s yours?”

I held up my palm where the ring rested on my finger. He grabbed my hand, removed the ring, and then slipped it back on again. We held out our unmatching rings and laughed at the pathetic display.

"Shall we eat?"

“I thought we’d practice,” I said. “You’re supposed to know me so well, so you get my food and I’ll get yours."

“This should be fun. I’ll just ask the servers to fill up the tray with everything they make."

"I hate you."

"No, you love me. We’re married, remember?"

I wanted more than anything to say, "Right, I love you," but I couldn’t bring myself to utter the words, even as a joke, because I didn’t know if I was actually joking. He sensed my frustration because he said. "Okay, meet you at one of these tables." He pointed to several empty ones in a corner.

Scouring the food selection, I wanted to impress him with how well I knew his tastes. I remembered last time he ate my powdered donut, and then went for the bacon so I placed those on the tray first. Did he drink tea or coffee? Eeny-meeny-miny-moe landed on coffee. I also threw in some eggs and pancakes for good measure.

I carried the tray to the table and waited for him, pulling my shoulders back and standing up straight.

He came back a few minutes later with only a small slice of cantaloupe and a glass of water. "You forgot my OJ," he said as he scanned the tray in front of me.

"You forgot my food," I said.

"My wife’s on a diet."

"My husband’s a jerk."

He set the tray down and walked away. He went behind the beverage counter and returned a second later with a fully loaded tray. "I’m just kidding. I already had this one filled for you. All your faves."

He got it mostly right, though it wasn’t hard since he did get one of everything. Just like I would have done.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial day!

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  1. oh, this did make me giggle.

    “You forgot my food,” I said
    “My wife’s on a diet.”
    “My husband’s a jerk.”

    I may be giggling over this all day. Lovely, sparkly, witty stuff.

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