The Silver Lining | Edward shirtless sans sparkles

I am limited in time today, as usual. Seems to be a trend around here. So instead I’ll direct you to some eye candy of the Volterra fountain scene shoot for New Moon. Edward…er…Rpattz is shirtless. And he seems to have worked out. The only thing that would make this photo better is if it came with a voice recording of him speaking in his sexy British accent. Or if he reenacted this scene for me live in the privacy of my apartment.

I love the CG dots he has painted on him. That makes me happy, since I am a CG artist. Guys look very hot with motion trackers. (In case you are wondering what the dots are for, they’re used to track the contours of his body and the way it moves in 3D space so you can map stuff onto it, like say, sparkles. This is what I do in my day job when I composite.)

Here’s a link to a lot of photos from the shoot. Spoilers abound if you haven’t read New Moon.

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  1. Ahaha, someone showed me those pics earlier, and I was like, “weird, I don’t remember him having so many birthmarks!” O.o

    Now I know that it is all in the name of SPARKLES!!

    RPattz needs to pay you a visit. It’s only fair. Seeing as how you’re illuminating us.

    • That’s why I posted this. I sent the pics to my sister and she said the same thing as you, so I figured I’d post here too. They’ll paint the dots out before it airs.

      I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

  2. HELLLOOO! That woke me up! *drool*

    Shana said: “Or if he reenacted this scene for me live in the privacy of my apartment”

    LOL. Any room in that private sitting for one more…

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