The Silver Lining | BEA Recap (finally!)

I apologize for the delay of this recap. Work kicked my butt this week. Now I understand how editors and agents can let a week fly by and get almost nothing done! So I apologize for my #blogfail. I will try to be better next week.


On Thursday I left work early because I had a "doctor’s appointment" that could only be cured by attending the Teen Author Carnival. My friend Michelle came, and I also met up with Jen Hayley, who I know from Absolute Write and twitter, but we’d never met in person. So that was cool! We have a lot in common since we’re the same age, live only a few minutes away from each other, and are both on sub for our YAs.

The carnival split all the authors into three teams. While one participated in the Q&A, another team signed books and a third team held a meet and greet. We mostly sat in the Q&A sessions because I wanted to hear what all the authors had to say. And secretly I like to figure out my own answers for, you know, when I sell a book and get to be on stage instead of in the audience. I can’t quite remember anymore what kinds of questions were asked, but it was interesting to hear the variety of answers. Sarah Cross also signed my copy of Dull Boy! W00t!

The entire event was run by YA book bloggers/reviewers, sites I frequent often, so it was also cool to put some faces to the names. They did a fabulous job of running this event and deserve major accolades. They also gave away a ton of books, and hey, free books are always awesome. Though my boyfriend wasn’t too happy since we’re moving soon and I’m supposed to be getting rid of the books, not acquiring more (something I have MAJORLY failed at recently.)

Libba Bray and Maureen Johnson are HILARIOUS in real life. You can see where they get their humor from.


I met Jen Hayley again on Friday and we went to see TIGER BEAT perform at Books of Wonder. I was really impressed with the turnout of the event. Tons of people showed up! I recognized a lot of the book bloggers from the night before and several other authors. Rachel Cohn and David Levithan performed the opening act with a hilariously dramatic reading of two Spice Girls songs. Man, the lyrics of WANNABE are so deep. "I wanna. I wanna. I wanna. Really really wanna zigga zag ha." They also read TWO BECOME ONE, which is also so metaphoric, I just can’t figure out what it could possibly be about. I wish they were less cryptic with those lyrics. Haha. After that David Levithan performed an ode to Libba Bray where he rhymed her last name to a lot of funny phrases.

After that Tiger Beat performed, and I can’t tell you how impressed I was. Libba Bray could sing and play the drums. Barnabas Miller could play the drums, the guitar, and sing! Most of the songs they sang were, um, before my time, so I didn’t really recognize them. *hangs head* But still, this was awesome.

I found this on YouTube. It’s from the March performance, not the one I went to, but it gives you a good idea. Courtesy of Melissa Walker:

Afterward, Jen and I tagged along with Michael Northrop–I am super excited to read his book and he is soooo nice!–and went to kidlit drinks at the Houndstooth pub. At first I was intimidated so I stood in a corner until the liquid courage–in the form of vanilla vodka and 7-up–kicked in.

aka recognized me from my avatar! I chatted with a lot of authors. Let’s see if I can remember. 2k9ers , Anne Hayward Leal, , Ellen Jensen Abbot, Tenner Anna Jarzab, Micol and David Ostow. We also briefly met Barry Lyga. I know I am forgetting people so please forgive me! Blame the alcohol!

Because a little publicity never hurts, here are the book covers of the above:

We stayed until the room emptied. I didn’t want to leave! Though I should have, since I got a little too tipsy. I paid for it the next day when the headache made me miss Melissa Marr’s signing. Doh!

Both nights I wore my cutest dresses, so um, if you saw me here and you’ll be at SCBWI LA, just forget I wore them. K thanks.


I managed to pull myself together and despite the rain my hair managed to stay straight for the blueboarder dinner. I’m stealing this photo from Adrienne Kress’s blog (thanks!) Dinner was so, so awesome. I loved putting faces to names and everyone is so cool and nice! It’s great to discuss writing with people who actually care and understand. I was really nervous for dinner because I’d picked the place and I worried no one would like it. But it turned out to be a good place. We ate at THE HALF KING and I chose it because it has a private room and also because it’s owned by the guy who wrote THE PERFECT STORM, so it has literary ties.

(left to right) Adrienne Kress, Shana Silver, Bettina Restrepo, Jenny Moss, Jean Regean, Megan Crewe, Ashley Formento, Aprilynne Pike, Laurie Crompton)

also joined us for a short time before she had to head out.

(Didn’t repeat book covers from those posted above)

After that Bettina, Megan, Fran, Fran’s librarian friend, and I trekked across Manhattan via some very rude cab drivers (welcome to NY!) and went to a YA party thrown by Robyn Schneider, Julia DeVillers, and Bennett Madison. When I got there I spotted and we chatted for awhile about Sailor Moon (my favorite subject, haha!) Sarah is seriously the coolest person. I got to meet Ally Carter and

(who I had briefly met on Thursday at the teen author carnival). I had such a great time!

I was really sad when the night had to end and I had to crawl home to my internet bubble. But I came home super motivated to work on my project, and I can’t wait for SCBWI LA now.

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  1. Looks like we were at all the same events, lol! I also saw Libba perform at Books of Wonder (cool!) and attended the Teen Author Carnival. It was great to meet you at the Blueboarder dinner!! And I loved The Half King!

    (Don’t feel bad about just now posting about BEA – I haven’t done mine yet. 😉 )

  2. Late chiming in!

    I just came across your blog and noticed that you gave me some free publicity! Thanks loads! Us YA writers have to stick together!

    Best, Ellen (Jensen Abbott, WATERSMEET)

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