The Silver Lining | CONTEST GIVEAWAY! Part of the YA Book Carnival
All This Week! is holding a YA Book Carnival this week with TONS of links to win YA books and prizes of all kinds. To join in on the fun, my partner in crime (ie. my critique partner) and I are giving away a couple of Ally Carter books.

Our first place winner will receive A SIGNED COPY of Ally’s latest book, DON’T JUDGE A GIRL BY HER COVER. Second place will receive an ARC of CROSS YOUR HEART AND HOPE TO SPY.


To enter, leave a comment and tell me who you would consider to be your partner in crime (or best ally). For an extra entry, head over to Denise Jaden’s blog and enter there too! Plus, for every place you advertise either this contest or the YA Book Carnival (Facebook, blog, twitter, etc.) you’ll get an extra entry. Make sure you link us (either here or on Denise’s blog) to each place you advertise.

Contest closes June 30th!

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  1. Oooo! Exciting! I’m not a huge YA fan but I’ve seen the blurbs for these books and read the reviews and I’m looking forward to giving them a read.

    My partner in crime is Inkblot/Amy from CC. She’s my twin, if you ignore the bit where we were born at opposite ends of the world 2 years apart, my alpha-reader and sounding board for writing, and one of my best friends! I know she’d totally post my bail if something went wrong.

  2. My partner in crime? My younger sis, definitely. Although she is 4 years younger to me, we get along really fine. And we know how to cover up for each other too 🙂

    Please enter me, I hope it’s international.

    elizascott2005 at yahoo dot co dot in

    I can’t enter on Denise’s blog, I think she has disabled comments that are not from LJ, at least it looked like that.


  3. I have two partners in crime, my awesome chat buddies Anne Marie and Andy! We are always planning world domination together! HAHAHAHAHA!


  4. Partner in crime

    My partner in crime would have to be…..

    My friend shelby.

    Mess with her and you are going to regret it.

    Shes loyal and funny and she is always there for me.

    And ps mess with me and you going to regret it. shelby goes after thos people also 😀

  5. My partner in crime is definitely my best friend, especially when it comes to wreaking havoc on our NaNoWriMo characters!

    paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

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