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I realize I have been slacking in my blog posting lately, but I have good reasons. I promise! Here they are as follows:

1. I got ENGAGED! If you’re on twitter or facebook, you probably already know this, but it’s the main reason why I’ve been MIA. Some of you have been emailing and asking for details.

When I was a senior in college, my roommate, Lauren, and I went out to celebrate the new school year at Senior Sunday. It was a celebration, after all, so i started the festivities early with two glasses of wine before I left my apartment. At the bar, I ran into a friend from my computer graphics major. Lauren knew his roommate, so the four of us talked. Except I don’t remember it. Because later that night I had two more drinks and apparently 4 glasses of wine = memory loss. And also causes you to fall asleep before you have a chance to get into bed. And then the bartenders really don’t like that so they make you leave. Turns out though that other guy who I apparently met, the one Lauren knew? He would become my future husband. He had a similar experience that night. Though he actually remembers meeting me, he had a little too much fun with Cherry Wheat beer and can no longer stand the sight of it because it brings back memories of toilet bowls. Good times!

For the rest of the school year though, Lauren and I hung out in a big group with those boys plus a few others. It was a big group setting and I never really saw those boys as anything other than friends. Sometimes the one boy, Josh, the one I don’t remember meeting, and I would go off to the side and chat. Then toward graduation, Josh got a job in NJ and I didn’t want to live at my parents’ house and commute into the city (a 2 hour commute each way) so we decided to be platonic roommates. He came down to stay at my parents’ house for three days while we searched for an apartment. It was really the first time we hung out solo, without the group mentality to influence us. And oh! He was so cute and charming and funny! I thought, uh oh. I CANNOT be crushing on my future roommate. Very bad idea! Good thing I didn’t listen to that little voice in my head. We moved in together and over the next 3 weeks, the crush only increased. I got sad whenever he went into his room because I missed him. On his birthday, I took him out for dinner and then to a bar and alcohol may have made me kiss him. But turns out he was feeling the same way about me! Flash forward 6 years and he’s now my best friend and future husband. He did get down on one knee (in front of my parents on video chat–how’s that for technology!) and said some very nice things (also very cliche things–but hey, I’m not complaining, he’s not a writer!). I’m so excited for the future. Particularly, his last name. I really like his last name and I hate mine (Silver is a penname since mine sucks so much.)

Anyway, I had picked out the ring and while we waited for it to arrive, we jumped the gun and started planning the wedding. The date is set for June 5, 2010. We already have a venue (by the Jersey shore), band, photographer, and videographer. Finding all that stuff took up a lot of my free time because I had to meet with all those people, plus the people we rejected! And there’s a lot more where that came from. We still need to get a florist, officiant (it will be a non-denominational celebrant), save the dates, registry, and hotels. Plus, you know, the dress! So my free time won’t be so free over the next few months. But it’s all for a good reason! I am still new at this so if anyone has any advice, I’m all ears. Also would love recommendations for other vendors near the Jersey shore in Monmouth county, NJ. I know that’s a long shot, but hey, can’t hurt to ask!

2. Despite my lack of time advice post last week, I still have one more big scene to write in my retelling rewrite. I managed to write about 12k last week, but it wasn’t enough to finish. (Remember, I am an overwriter so I prefer to write more than necessary which leads to tighter revisions where I get out my blade and hack away.) So whenever I got time on the computer, I chose to put it toward my WIP instead of my blog. I have to finish this plus do a rather extensive revision to my book on sub, so I may be continuing the writing vs blogging predicament over the next few weeks. But I will try to blog at least once per week. I have a LOT of reviews I want to do, but again, I have been choosing actual writing instead of writing the reviews. I plan to get some of these out on the blog as soon as I can.

3. Vacations. Or rather, mini-vacations. I have a lot of them coming up. Every weekend in fact. Last weekend I went to Baltimore for a baby shower and got to spend time with some high school friends. This weekend I am spending the holiday in Vermont with my…fiance’s relatives (oooh that word is weird to say!). I’m going to the Hamptons in mid-July with my girlfriends. I’m visiting with two different sets of relatives next week. Basically–I usually have so much down time on the weekends, but now I won’t even be in my apartment. Speaking of which, I am moving in the beginning of August and need to some how find time to pack! And then of course there’s SCBWI LA, which I am super excited about!

4. And then I’ve been (thankfully!) working a lot in the last few weeks.

5. Also Big Brother starts up again next week. I am slightly addicted to this show. And by slightly I mean I will buy the internet feeds so I can watch stuff 24/7, then I will stalk message boards for recaps of what I missed while not hooked into the feeds. Clearly I am very cool.

So that’s what’s up with me lately. What are you up to?

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      • and I were just talking about a VM re-watch. No one has time for it, but we want to do it anyway! I just ordered the season 1 DVD (I loaned my other one out and never got it back), so maybe we could ease into it when I get back from TN? (July 8) Something to think about . . .

    • I was jealous last year of all the fun everyone had at SCBWI LA so I vowed not to miss it! But I doubt I can go again next year, so I’ll try to make the most of it. I am planning on doing SCBWI NYC in the winter, but at least that one only costs me $3.50 a day in transportation (unlike plane flights to LA).

    • Thanks! I hope so. Though I don’t think much will change except I won’t have to nag him for his half of the rent every month. I’m already on his insurance so even that won’t be changing.

  1. WOOT WOOT – Super News!! Congrats!! And I can’t believe you managed 12k words last week – you are such a writer. May your marriage be utterly blessed, and your new last name appear on the cover of many many books! (or are you keeping your penname?)

    • Thanks!

      I’m keeping Shana Silver as the pen name. The thing about this name is that I’ve controlled what appears in google. Everything you would find under this name is something I *want* you to find. I’d have to start over from scratch with his name, plus I’m published in a few lit mags as Shana Silver and all the editors know me under this name. So it stays! I will be changing my last name to his for everything else though, like my graphic career.

  2. CONGRATS!!!!!! That’s super exciting news and a fun “how we got together” story! And I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re dying to see a picture of the ring. 😉

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