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1. I forgot to mention this, but I *finally* finished the first draft (technically third draft if you count the previous two versions I discarded) of my retelling and I’ve already started revising it. I know I’m supposed to let it marinate for a bit, but I had so many days I couldn’t write the last few weeks that I ended up doing that without meaning to.

2. I am super excited for SCBWI LA. I can’t believe it’s less than a month away! Denise Jaden ( ) and I are planning on hanging out near the bar area Thursday night in hopes of making it a central meeting spot (whether you drink or not) so please come find us. As I like to warn people, I am only 5 feet tall, so just keep that in mind. I want to meet up with everyone!

3. I adore the new show MAKE IT OR BREAK IT. I really like shows about sports competitions despite not liking actual sports. Ever since Bring It On, I guess. I find the characters interesting. I like that they all have their own subplots despite the main conflict of the gymnastics competition. I find all the characters sympathetic, even the mean girl, because they show you her vulnerable side. Also, I think the girl who plays Payson Keeler sort of looks how I pictured Kasey, my protagonist of THE ART OF SELLING MY SISTER. She’s a little taller, but that’s okay. The actress is Ayla Kell.

4. Also, my guilty pleasure of the summer is finally back. Big Brother. I subscribe to the feeds, which I always find a little weird because I can watch them sleep if I want to. Does that make me Edward Cullen? Still, it’s the best when you catch scheming and conversations the edited TV versions withhold from the viewers.

5. Wedding planning is going well. So far we have the venue (ceremony in same place as reception) booked which includes all food as well as the cake, band for both ceremony and reception, photographer, and videographer booked. We also blocked hotel rooms for our out of town guests. Next up is the more creative stuff. I’m trying to design a monogram, save the dates, and a website. The only thing stopping me is time. After that, I think I have to find a florist and then of course the dress! But I prob won’t have time to do either of those things until after SCBWI LA.

6. My engagement ring was way too big for my finger despite me attempting to get my finger sized before hand. So I’ve been without my ring for two weeks since I had to send it to Seattle to get resized by the jeweler’s headquarters. It’s coming back on Wednesday though. Some of you guys asked to see it so I’ll post pics below the cut. Though it appears on the wrong finger, it’s actually correct, I had to flip my hand an odd way to snap the photos.

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  1. Oh, that’s such a pretty ring!

    Also, I see nothing wrong with jumping into revisions. I like to do that with all my WIPs as soon as I finish them so I don’t forget to implement all the changes I already know I have to make. THEN I let the manuscript sit around for a bit and see what other changes are needed. 😛

    • That’s a good idea. And I can let it sit around for a bit by giving it to critique partners! Your method makes a lot of sense. I usually don’t do that, I just write notes and fix them when I have fresh eyes–but then it’s always in the back of my mind, lingering because I know there are fixes just waiting to happen!

    • So who do you like so far this year? I didn’t really get a good feel for anyone, but I like the underdogs so I will probably end up rooting for the brains. I can’t stand Jessie!

      • I’m not sure yet who I like but I was SO upset when Jessie got back in the house. I was hoping for Jessica but Cowboy or Brian would have been way better than Jessie.

        I’m too cheap to get the feeds but I check this site several times a day:
        It’s updated by people who have the live feeds and to be honest, there are days I check that site more than I check my e-mail!

  2. I watch Make it or Break it too!!!! I thought I was the only one. I’m actually still a little up in the air about it. But I’m going to give it a few more goes. I’m a big fan of cheesy shows like that and Secret Life of the American Teenager. Also, Peyson is my favorite!

    • See though I watch Secret Life every week, I think the acting is horrible, the story lines are cringe worthy (like Grace’s from last week), and the writing itself is horrible. I still watch because I’m interest in how it plays out, but I think a lot of the show is forced, like the 2nd episode Ben and Amy were declaring their love and they had basically starting liking each other just to like each other so I didn’t quite believe it.

      I think Make It Or Break it doesn’t suffer from that as much. I think storylines are more natural and less forced, so that’s why I like it.

      But I love cheesy shows!

  3. LOVE the ring!! Squeeee!!! So very happy for you and so impressed that you finished a draft while getting all that wedding stuff done.
    Here’s hoping they make a movie of ART OF SELLING and you get to pick the actress you like!

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