The Silver Lining | Mayonnaise is the new biology

So I just read two books in a row where a significant number of scenes revolved around the students making mayonnaise in chemistry class. I think I missed a new trend memo.

The other thing the books had in common? Both teachers in the story were SUPER excited about the mayonnaise lesson. The students did not share such enthusiasm. And in the first one, it really did seem unique. And random. Now? Just another notch on the trend belt post. (Both of these books aren’t released yet. One will be released this month, the other in October.)

Anyway, it got me thinking how for a while there it seemed I read a ton of books with biology partner scenes ala Twilight. I guess some authors moved over to chemistry for some variety. I completely understand why so many scenes are set in science class. Setting a conversation over an experiment offers so many more actions as well as possible tension over the turn out of the experiment. You can’t get nearly as lively as say…a discussion taking place while a teacher drones on and on about differential calculus. For one thing, science classes usually allow talking while other classes do not. And though sneaking in discussions while the teacher’s back is turned could offer some tension, it still isn’t as lively.

But at the same time, I would love to see more class lessons that are lively with good actions, but do not revolve around lab partners. I’ve seen some, but definitely not as often as the biology/chemistry lessons. I’m blanking on examples at the moment.

So are physics experiments next?

What new trends you’ve been seeing lately in recently released children’s fiction?

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  1. We made ice cream in my chemistry class, too. My lab partner did most of the rolling of the jar and got her sleeves soaked and encrusted with salt, and I sat back and ate ice cream. Or, uh, something like that. I remember really liking that lab because our chemistry teacher intimidated the hell out of me, and I don’t think I was ready for the class yet–most of it was way too hard.

    We never made mayonnaise, but I remember watching those infommercials where they made it with a hand blender! I was always so fascinated.

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