The Silver Lining | Way to fix your bad rep, NJ

Oh, NJ. *hangs head in shame*

You already have such a bad reputation. "The armpit of America" is not exactly a flattering nickname. And the Sopranos didn’t do much to help. Now everyone thinks we’re hiding mafia criminals behind every strip club. And those land fills you have to pass on your way into NYC? Not exactly picturesque or full of roses.

You have produced some good things, besides, well, me. Your tomatoes are pretty awesome. And most of the country knows the lyrics to Bruce Springstein or Bon Jovi songs. I still think it’s really cool that it costs me $1.75 to take a subway from NJ into NYC while it costs me $2.25 to go one stop (i.e. 9 blocks) within the city itself. And you have no tax on clothes! That’s helpful.

But today, NJ, you have gone a couple steps backward. 44 steps and counting, to be exact. The 32 year old mayor of my town, Hoboken, (for 7 more days before I move) was arrested this morning for money laundering. Along with several other mayors. And a bunch of Rabbis. Rabbis!  44 people in total have been arrested. I don’t know all the details, but I assume it’s not pretty.

So I’m disappointed in you, NJ.

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  1. Some friends and I drove down to Rutherford last weekend to visit a friend that lives there, and we were musing on the way down why NJ has such a bad rep, because the parts that we know, anyway, are really nice.
    This is a pretty alarming story, though.

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