The Silver Lining | The Friday Five and a Half

1. Yesterday I wrote 7k worth of new scenes in my retelling revision. I love when you work on something all day and it doesn’t feel like work, especially after struggling a bit with this one a few months ago. Yesterday I also reordered some of the existing scenes. I think it’s coming together really nicely! I’m very excited about it! And I must thank for helping me come up with a kick-butt new opening. She rocks and her ideas are awesome! Now I just need to read through the first 100 pages (what I’ve revised up to so far–they end on a good cliff hanger) and make sure it’s consistent and do some line edits. For those that offered to read, hopefully I’ll have the first section ready some time next week. Thanks in advance!

2. I hate moving. Just saying. I’m sort of annoyed all those wishes upon stars have not come true. Every morning I wake up and my apartment has NOT packed itself.

3. SCBWI LA is so soon! I am so excited!

4. I am going wedding dress shopping tomorrow! Eek!

5. How is everyone else’s WIPs coming along? Any fun plans this weekend? Exciting vacations? Let me know!

5.5. I won’t embed them for those that don’t want spoilers, but here are links to two clips of New Moon shown at Comic Con yesterday:

Is it a coincidence that both involve a shirtless boy?

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