The Silver Lining | SCBWI LA + Friday Five

1. I am in the process of composing my SCBWI LA blog recap. I can’t find my camera connector (remember, I just moved last week! I am not responsible for lost possessions!) and what is a blog post without fabulous pictures? I will work on it this weekend and hopefully find the camera connector. So stay tuned! I took 23k worth of notes, I won’t post them all but I’ll try to find the best highlights.

2. But I had an AMAZING time in LA and I came back super motivated to work on my secret retelling. Today I completely rearranged the scenes in chapters 4-6 to avoid a pacing issue and give that section more forward movement. It screwed up my timeline so I had to account for that too. I think this will help readers care about a particular problem scene that was just in the wrong spot before. Now, it works because my rearrangement gave the reader a reason to care! Huzzah! My plan is still to send the first 100 pages to my agent late next week. So far so good! I am so excited about this book!

3. While in LA, I toured Dreamworks where my cousin’s fiance works and holy cow! I want to work there! I have six years experience doing compositing and visual effects for TV and movies so I’m definitely qualified to work there. They had 3D monitors on their desks and 3D glasses to view their scenes. I am jealous.

4. The apartment is slowly shaping up and becoming more livable. The bedroom is done and I have so much more closet space, which clearly means I need more clothes. The kitchen is all set up. Our living room is in sadder shape, esp with the empty boxes we haven’t figured out where to discard yet. And we need a kitchen table. That would probably be a good thing to get relatively soon.

5. What did I miss last week?

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  1. 23k worth of notes? 23k?? And here I thought my 10k was a lot! 🙂

    “The bedroom is done and I have so much more closet space, which clearly means I need more clothes.” –> I love this logic, and thanks for the laugh.

    It was so nice to meet you in LA!

  2. Shana, it was so nice to meet you in LA, and spend a few minutes talking. I actually have disc one of Veronica Mars waiting for me … I will think of you as I watch. 🙂

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