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Well, blog friends, I’m leaving today for 10 days in Spain. The blog may be dark during that time. We’re going to Madrid where I will look at this painting:

As well as Sevilla, Costa Del Sol, and Morocco–specifically Tangiers. I’m very excited! I’ve loaded my carry-on with books as well as my alpha smart. Unfortunately, editing my WIP is way too hard on an alpha smart. But I’m going to take advantage and outline my next project so it’s ready when I have time to write it. I’m choosing out of 4 ideas (one fun contemporary YA, one fun MG, one paranormal YA, and one dystopian YA–have I ever mentioned that I wrote my senior thesis on dystopian fiction? I am an expert on the topic.) and have gotten approval on all of them from . I plan to work on them all and see if any of them start to stand out as a clear winner.

I’m also glad for this because I think it will help get my mind off the super secret retelling so when I come back from Spain, I’ll be able to tackle that project again with fresh eyes. I might be too close to it now so this time away has been good.

Last week I managed to revise the next 100 pages of the retelling. That brings me to about 53k out of approx 75k done. Getting there! The goal is to get the entire draft back to my agent by the end of October, which is looking increasingly doable. Very excited about how this project is coming along! I love it so!

I also forgot to mention that last week I went to the NYPL’s Teen Reading night with Jen Hayley. I love this since it’s supposed to be geared toward teens, yet the entire audience is adults from the pub industry. I spied editors, agents, writers, and YA bloggers. The readers at this session were David Levithan, who read from his very poetic book about 9/11. He said that no one had published fiction about 9/11 yet. Well, I beg to differ. About 2 years ago, I sold a 9/11 based short story that I actually wrote in college on 9/12/2001. That short story is what I submitted to get me into an exclusive creative writing class taught by Mary Gaitskill at Syracuse. I got into that class but I hadn’t tried to sell the story then because I knew the subject matter might upset people. After I’d sold other short stories, I busted it out again, did a revision, and sold it pretty quickly–to the only magazine I subbed to. It was published in the July 2007 issue of The Hiss Quarterly. Anyway, the other readers were E. Lockhart who read a hilarious excerpt from Treasure Map of Boys (which I’d already read) about boobs. The audience was in hysterics. Scott Levithan had the audience captivated by reading from his much anticipated steam punk novel Leviathan. He gave a drawing to a member of the audience. The rest of the readers were as follows, and I loved hearing from writers I hadn’t already read books by:

Gordon Korman, Pop
Lauren McLaughlin, Recycler
Bennett Madison, The Blonde of the Joke
Dan Poblocki, The Stone Child

It was a great day. This is one of my favorite things about living so close to NYC. That and The Strand.

Let’s see, what else happened last week. I went to a bridal show and had a free hair trial. I’m still trying to decide if the whole thing was a joke on me I didn’t get. I told the hair dresser to do what he thought would look best for my wedding day. Partly because I wanted to get ideas for how I should wear my hair and partly because I knew this was just for fun and I figured I’d let him experiment.

Experiment he did! He apparently thought the best look for me would be that of a 50s housewife, beehive and all. Um….let’s just say it didn’t work. How do I know? Because when I came home and showed my fiance and my dad, their reaction was mutual. They burst into hysterical laughter. Yeah…not the kind of response I want to get for my wedding day hair.

In the world of TV. I’m surprised by how much I like Vampire Diaries. Truthfully, I’m a little vampired out except for Richelle Mead’s series which i can’t get enough of since I keep re-reading the books. But I really enjoyed this show, mostly because of how fabulous Ian Somerholder is at playing a villain. The villain character is the best part of the show. Love. I’m also still loving Glee, though I found the latest episode slightly disappointing. I was trying to figure out why that is and I realized it is because it focused less on the teens and more on the adults. I just don’t care about adults. This is why I write and read YA. This is why all my favorite shows center around teens. I thought The Beautiful Life was cliche. I’ve read several modeling YA books and this seemed to have very similar characters and storylines. I am quite sad that I’m missing my fave week of the year: premiere week, and to do so I have to rely on my fiance to remember to tape all my shows since i couldn’t go that far in my DVR. I set up reminder emails. This is his first big test as a future husband. I hope he passes! LOL.

Okay hopefully this blog post is long enough to tide you over for the next 10 days. I have no idea if I’ll have internet over there. If I do, I’ll try to blog with some photos but if not, I’ll see you on September 29th!

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  1. Did you like the beehive or did your father and fiance just confirm your own thoughts about it? Still, fun to try something totally out of character.

    Have a great trip!

  2. Nobody has published fiction about 9/11 yet? What about Peter Cameron’s SOMEDAY THIS PAIN WILL BE USEFUL TO YOU? Neesha Meminger’s SHINE, COCONUT MOON? Although I suppose they are more about the aftermath of 9/11. There was also a short story in, I think, TIN HOUSE magazine.

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