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Hi everyone. I’m writing from a very strange keyboard in Seville, Spain. This keyboard has characters like ¿ ñ and I keep hitting ç instead of ENTER because it’s in the spot enter normally is.
The hotel I’m staying at right now is ultra modern, kind of reminding me of that Saturday Night Live skit where they sit in ridiculously uncomfortable chairs. The end tables are like 2 inches high. The lamps are all odd shapes. The chair I’m sitting in is made of orange arcyllic and isn’t that sturdy. The shower had four different shower heads from various angles. And the lights only turn on if you leave your room key in a power slot. It’s called the High Tech Hotel.

We spent the last two days in Madrid. I saw Dali and Picasso paintings and we had a great tour of the palace in Madrid. I have pictures I’ll upload when I get home. I can’t plug in my normal computer because we don’t have the right kind of converter outlet things.

The first day I wasn’t adventurous food wise. Unless you count attempting to eat foreigh Burger King. But last night we ordered various tapas and they were good! My favorite was the chicken in garlic sauce.

I’ve been surprised by how much Spanish I remember even though I only took on two years of it in high school and it was my worst subject. But I’m picking up every fourth word or so when people speak and I can sort of communicate. Pretty much no one except hotel employees speaks English, which I hadn’t expected.

I watched 90210 dubbed in Spanish today. I didn’t really understand it except it was the episode where Andrea has her baby.

This is my last day with internet I think. We’re driving to Costa Del Sol tonight and renting an apartment for the next few days. Then it’s beaches, a tour of Morocco, and other small tours.

I hope this is spelled correctly. I’m having issues using the java spell check here. Apologies if it’s not since this keyboard is weird to type on and keeps making my words jump around on the page.

I’ll do a much better recap next week when I get home and have more than 5 minutes to type this as well as pictures to illustrate!

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  1. Sounds like you’re having an awesome time! I’m jealous…and motivated to start homeschooling Spanish so my whole family can learn (we didn’t have the “luxury” of HS Spanish!)

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