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Hi everyone. I’m back in the US–and have been for 2 days–though not officially committed to the east coast time zone yet. My body is a bit confused. I thought I would have a few days to adjust but alas, I got a freelance job for the next few days so I trekked into NYC city this morning (or was it afternoon?) and that’s where I’m typing this. I have lots of fun photos to post and recaps. Like, don’t you want to see how super cool I was rocking the fanny pack? Because, oh yeah, I rocked it. And I’m not ashamed. It was the only way to ensure safe return of my passports, three ipods, my sister’s black berry, and my precious hand lotion (I dislike dry skin) without acting like a paranoid New Yorker and clutching my purse for dear life. Also, I needed a belt and this served duel purpose. All that sight seeing does have its weight-loss benefits!

I’m on a busy schedule after work this week of frantically watching all 30 TV shows I taped last week AND watching the new ones this week. Plus, you know, I should probably continue revising my WIP since we’ve been apart for a while and I’ve missed it. Speaking of which, while I was away I figured out how to fix a problem area I’d left blank and "to be determined" in earlier drafts. Also, I’ve worked it out in such a way that tied all my subplots together with a single scene. W00t! This has been bugging me for a while and since it’s the climax scene, it’s pretty important I get it right. And make it awesome.

Remember when I posted that I was doing fine with communicating in Spanish? I spoke to soon. It was a huge problem while I was there. I can sort of read Spanish, but hearing it and trying to understand is completely different. We only got by because my dad understood Spanish reasonably better than the rest of us (but confused everyone else when he spoke it). I’m now nervous because so far France (Paris, a wine tour, and then several days at a beach) is so far top contender for honeymoon locations and neither me nor my fiance speak a word of French. Has anyone gone there without speaking the language? Were you able to get by? I didn’t have this problem when I went to Italy, but in Spain it was a big issue.

Particularly during meals. Because when there’s a photo of a hamburger that presumably looks made out of beef and the Spanish translation is "hamburguesa" I expect to get a normal hamburger. Not a "ham" burger, aka a pink patty of pork. And, well, I don’t eat pork and I had no idea how to correct this mistake except by pointing at the plate and saying "no." Or when I ordered a chicken sandwich and asked for "no queso" and then received a plate of cheese for my meal, sans chicken.

I did not have the food problem in Morocco though, and in fact, I loved it. I loved everything about it. Except waking up at 4:20am for the bus tour. I was not a fan of *that*.

I wasn’t able to read LJ the entire time I was away and I’m a bit overwhelmed with all I have to catch up on. I was able to log onto my email for 15 minutes a day where I practiced my speed reading and telepathically sent replies since I never had time to actually respond. Therefore, dear LJ friends, I’m wondering if you could give me a quick recap of what I missed?

Anyone get a book deal? If so, CONGRATS! I want to read it!

Anyone get an agent? If so, good luck and my fingers are crossed for a quick sale!

Anyone defeated by a battle with difficult revisions? If so, put it away for a few weeks, work on something else, then come back to it with fresh eyes. Also, chocolate. Plenty of chocolate.

Any engagements? Drafts completed? New favorite TV shows watched? Cute fall clothes purchased?

I need details, people!

Also, happy half-birthday to me. It is one of the most important holidays of the year to me and yet no one ever remembers. Pfft. I want un-birthday presents!

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    • I am so behind. And more shows keep airing! It’s like I’m on a treadmill, running but not going anywhere, ha.

      I love Glee too. This week’s episode did not have enough Sue Sylvester though. Though the one scene she was in was awesome.

  1. Welcome back, and happy half-birthday! I remember one of the stories about Karen Brewer (Kristy’s younger sister, of the Babysitter’s Club fame) was about her half-birthday, and she was determined to have a party for it: they played games halfway through (so no winners) and only had half a slice of cake (I think? I’m fuzzy on the details) and so on. I bet your half-birthday is much better! 🙂

    Fantastic new TV show, legal-style: The Good Wife

    • Oooh I would have loved that Babysitter’s Club book. That sounds adorable. I don’t remember that one.

      My half-birthday wasn’t very good because no one remembered! How dare they?

      Good Wife is on my list to check out!

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