The Silver Lining | Friday Five

1. The majority of my super secret retelling WIP is with my awesome crit partner . She’s already sent me notes on a few chapters and they rock. My critique partner is the best! I’ve been working my butt off on this book and I still love it so much!

2. There are several things standing in the way of those goals, mainly real life work. Because the only thing that has deadlines more insane than the ones I give myself are advertising clients. At 2pm yesterday they told me I had to redo a lot of the 60 second animation I created. Oh and they needed it by 3pm. Um, that’s just not physically possible. It takes a half hour just to render the animation into quicktimes. So that’s why I stayed very late yesterday and I got here at 7am this morning. I can’t work this weekend and the project needs to air on TV on Monday.

3. I can’t work this weekend because tomorrow we’re heading to Boston. My fiance’s relatives are throwing us an engagement party! I’m so excited. I have a cute new dress for it and everything. Less than 8 months to go until the wedding! We have all the big things booked, except an officiant but we have meetings set up next week. Next up we’re going to pick out invitations. We’ve also decided on France for the honeymoon (South of France, wine tours, then Paris) but we haven’t booked yet. Anyone know good hotels or locations to stay at?

4. I am seriously in love with Glee and the Vampire Diaries. Last night’s episode was awesome (yes, I sacrificed precious sleep to watch it).

5. I really wanted to dress as Katniss Everdeen for Halloween (long braid, mockingjay pin, fake bow and arrow, done) but the fiance nixed it and told me no one would get it. I knew that, of course, but I hoped maybe it would be a conversation starter and then I could talk about books. Or since I’m NYC and plan on going out in NYC on Halloween, maybe just maybe someone in the publishing industry would be at the same bar and quickly recognize my costume. So I was all set to do it and then he bought himself a Seinfeld puffy shirt and is persuading me to go as Elaine. I dance like her, so that part wouldn’t be a stretch. And well, I kind of want to see him wear a puffy shirt, which he will only do if I dress as Elaine, so i think my Katniss costume is a no go. Sigh!

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    • I know I’ve been a bad blogger lately. Everytime I have a few minutes, I think, “should I blog or revise a scene?” And I choose scene. I’ve also kind of avoided message boards because they distract me too much from revising.

      Hopefully I’ll be around more soon! How is everything with you?

  1. I hate to tell you, but it was snowing here (in Boston) today!!!! 8 months to wedding! That is awesome! Lily remembered having lunch with you when we stopped at the Outlets (we couldn’t find a place to park!)

    Congrats on engagement and have fun at party!

    • Ew, snow! It’s awful and rainy in NJ. Not looking forward to the drive.

      Lily is adorable! Awww that’s sweet that she remembers me! I have to hit up those outlets again sometime! (Though not in snow.)

  2. Katniss

    You should definitely go as Katniss. Once everyone knows the books/movie(s) they’ll be so jealous that you loved HG way before they knew what it was. I’m sorry your fiance talked you into a very old idea. Make him go as Peeta or Gale. ; p

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