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I was debating whether or not to go to the SCBWI Winter conference, but I finally decided to register. The cost of the writing intensive was holding me up since it put the entire cost of the conference higher than when I went for extra days in LA. Therefore, I decided not to do the writing intensive and just do the regular conference.

Really, I shouldn’t have been debating. I live 20 mins from NYC and I’m there almost every day for work. For LA, I had to get airfare and hotel. And last year I regretted not going to the winter conference. I don’t want to miss out again!

Plus, I’m so excited to meet everyone who may be coming! I had a great time at the blueboarder dinner and Kidlit drinks night. I’m hoping both events will happen again this year!

I loved the LA conference. I would definitely go back to it, but seeing as I’m going on a two-week honeymoon to France in June and then I have a wedding in LA in October, I think I’ve filled my quota on vacations for 2010. Oh well, maybe in 2011.

So who’s going to the conference? We’ll definitely need to plan a get together!

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  1. I planned on going, but none of the agents I was hoping to meet are involved–or at least they aren’t part of the program. At this point, I’m going to the New England conference in March instead.

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