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1. Every time I make a change to my retelling, I think, "wow that made the book stronger!" Even just replacing a sentence with another. I’m really quite happy with the progress. Finishing will depend on how extensive the revisions are for the latter half of the book (since the first half is pretty ready) and I haven’t yet received those notes from my fab critiquers (or even given it to some of them…which makes it pretty hard to receive the notes).

2. I’m still doing nano! I plan to do just 2k a day and work on the retelling revisions the rest of the time. Luckily the no-job thing will help me with time-management. Did I say no-job? I mean full-time writing job! Since i’m freelance though, i could get put on a crazy-deadline project any moment. I usually have those in November because everyone wants holiday commercial graphics. I really want to have fun with this nano project and not stress about it. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this, but I HATE first drafting. I try to get it done as fast as possible. I love love love to revise and so nano is perfect because it makes me competitive enough to bang out the crappy first draft and then indulge in the part of the process I love.

I’m ShanaS over at nano if you want to buddy me!

3. My Elaine Benes halloween costume is made of fail. I can’t get my hair right and I’ve been practicing for days. I may have to pull a bait-and-switch Katniss instead. However, my boy looks adorable in his puffy shirt.

4. So I was watching Gossip Girl on Monday and a New Moon commercial came on. I squeed like the fangirl I am and had to rewind the TV a couple of times. Then I glanced over at the fiance. He was staring at me with a look of horror on his face. He told me he’s wondering if he should break up with me for someone who is not twelve-years-old like I am. I could have defended myself. I could have kept my fangirl hidden. Instead I did the next best thing.

I applied to be on Rachael Ray as the ultimate Twilight fan and told all the stories about how he doesn’t support me because he still will not agree to Flightless Bird being our first dance song, but I’m working on it. Hey, that’s what ultimatums are for, right?

He’s a good guy, don’t get me wrong, but not liking vampire fiction is one of his biggest flaws. Fingers crossed for Rachael Ray (I’m not exaggerating, I really did apply).

(I can’t believe I just posted that story.)

5. Recent reads and quick reviews:

Splendor: I’m not finished yet, but almost. I really like this one! Elizabeth’s story bored me after book one, but hers is my favorite this time around. I like how the author makes me like even the sympathetic characters.

When You Reach Me: I’d heard great things about this and really had no idea what to expect because I hadn’t read anything about the exact premise other than the protagonist receives weird notes. Well, I certainly didn’t expect that! I really really enjoyed this story. I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t really go into details without giving away spoilers, but let’s just say that some of the conversations in this book and the mystery solution are things I used to discuss with my dad at the protagonist’s age. So it hit close to home. (Though I have yet to receive weird notes like she did. I’m still waiting though!) I love how the author hid so many clues right in front of the reader’s face and you just didn’t notice until it all came together.

The Season
: What a juicy romance! Gavin is so crushworthy. I had the mystery pegged quickly (as I usually do), but since I was so invested in the romance it didn’t matter. I also liked how strong the protagonist was.

Perfect You
: Loved the snappy dialogue and comebacks of the main character. I also found the romance really fun. I also like how the ending went in a different direction than I expected. That’s refreshing.

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  1. I also hate first-drafting but LOVE revising. Hopefully, NaNo will be able to scare away my perfectionism for a month and allow me to churn out a first draft!

    Also, while I don’t like Twilight, I can totally relate to that fangirl moment. I’m usually pretty quiet and unnoticeable, so when my fangirlism emerges…yeah. Embarrassing!

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