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I’ve been juggling between all these trenches the last few weeks: revision trench, nano trench, wedding planning trench, plus I’m still trying to keep up with the thousand TV shows I watch AND read two books per week. So far so good on all that. Blogging? Not so much. Then add to that a new job I’ve been working 10-12 hours a day at plus commuting takes as long as two hours each way. That’s where I’ve been the last two weeks and that’s why I haven’t had much time for the internets. I’ve had to make cuts and so I figured I might as well cut the time suck until things slow down again. I suspect the rest of November will be like this. Anyway, here’s my progress on some of the above. Also, if you need to reach me, the best way is via email, which is on the sidebar. I’m still checking that religiously!

1. Super Secret Retelling revisions are going very very well. The book is out with critique partners right now. I’ve been revising as I get their notes. I have two scenes left to add. I think chapters 1-17 are in pretty good shape at the moment. The rest are getting there as I get to them. I’m very excited about the way the book is turning out. Right now it’s on the longish side for YA (around 85k), but I’m working on shaving it down. Hoping to get it to my agent asap! Ideally, it will go on sub in January.

2. Nanowrimo. I was off to a great start doing 3k a day and having no trouble and then I started this freelance job and I lost all my free time. I don’t get home until after 10pm and I haven’t been able to get a seat on the bus for my commute so writing on the alpha smart is out too. The last few nights I’ve been struggling to get 1k-2k written because my brain is on sleep mode at that point. Hopefully I’ll have some time to catch up this weekend (I’ve got two 4-hour car rides to and from Boston that I can write during). Right now the book stands at 32k. I’d prefer to be at, like, 39k by the end of the day but it’s not going to happen. I was hoping to get the entire draft written in November (which tends to be about 90k for a first draft…I always overwrite at first, which I prefer. I like having things to cut in draft 2) but I may have to settle for just 50k or whatever additional I can do. I had a really detailed outline for this book, but I’ve started to stray. A love triangle cropped up I hadn’t planned on and I’m loving it so I’m going with it. I think I may have a case of an unnecessary character as well so that person might get axed in revisions.

3. TV. The three weeks of Glee withdrawal were hard to deal with. I have a major crush on Puck. I wish the last episode wasn’t so preachy, even though it made me cry. I’m still absolutely loving Vampire Diaries. I also have a crush on Damon. I like the risks that show is taking. Surprisingly, I’ve been enjoying Grey’s Anatomy. I think it’s because George and Izzie are gone at the moment and I never liked them. I nearly gave that show up last year and the year before. Also I adore Modern Family!

4. I read Prada and Prejudice and Rampant recently and really enjoyed both of them!

5. I signed up for the YA/kidlit ALA tweetup happening in January in Boston. Anyone going?

6. This weekend I’m going to my future-in-laws’ house in the Boston area because they’re hosting a "ravioli making party." Sounds fun!

What’s up with everyone else?

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