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This is what my klutziness did to my computer monitor:

And that, kids, is why we should always backup our work. I did lose 8 hours of work today on my revisions, but I had backed it up yesterday so it could have been much worse. All the latest drafts of my other projects are also safely backed up. I hope I can rescue the file as I was trying to get this to my agent, oh, tomorrow. That’s not going to happen now.

Also, I cross-posted this on twitter and FB, but if anyone knows how to hook up the macbook to a PC monitor, a PC, or a TV (to act as a monitor), please let me know so I can get this file off the computer. I am currently typing on a PC desktop.

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  1. Yikes! I’ve never lost any work like that, but I DID have two different computers spaz on me in the past and delete *everything.* I back all my documents up like a crazy person now! (Scratch that. I AM a crazy person.)

    • I’m sorry you lost everything!!! Twice!
      I do back up my documents meticulously. The problem here was that I was still in the middle of working on one of them so I hadn’t backed it up yet today. I did back it up yesterday though. Still, I lost quite a few hours of work.

    • Thanks. I hope so too! We have a saying in graphics (because crashes happen very very often) that you can recreate what you lost in half the time the second time around. Let’s see if it goes for writing as well.

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