The Silver Lining | Friday Five

1. I’m going to the ALA exhibit conference this weekend and YA tweet-up, so if you see me, say hello! Anyone else going? I am really excited to potentially use my new writing business cards. I got them for the SCBWI winter conference, but hey, I can start early.

2. So excited because I sent my agent a new book and she liked it! I have a minor change to make and then hopefully it will go on sub soon. W00t! I’m aiming to get the book back to her on Monday or Tuesday.

3. The book I sent her is not my retelling. My retelling is in the final stages of revision. Well, technically it’s out with a crit partner and I’m hoping the changes will be minor and then I can send this to my agent!

4. I have a major crush on this guy. He is in my new favorite show WHITE COLLAR, which returns this week. My fiance also loves this show, but thankfully not for the same reason I do. This show is like Catch Me If You Can meets Veronica Mars. The former because it’s about a guy talented at art forgery and other white collar crimes working with the FBI to catch other criminals in the field. Veronica Mars because he’s just so clever at how he solves cases. But also, I would watch this show if they aired a still image of his face for an hour. He used to be Bryce Larkin on CHUCK and I loved him then too.

5. I am still without my mac. I’m trying to hold out because I hear they will be announcing new products at the end of January. And that’s soon. But using this archaic PC is torture. Plus it’s really hard to design wedding monograms without Adobe Illustrator.

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  1. I’m right there with you on #4 !!! He’s to die for – yeah… Not since a very young Robert Wagner in It Takes a Thief has a show like this gotten my attention because of the guy… total hotness!

  2. I just ordered new business cards last night! Granted, I don’t need them any time soon, but I had a really fun time creating them.

    You Mac people are of a different breed. I love the commercials, but I don’t speak Apple very well. Maybe some day …

  3. Oh boy that guy is so hot! I have been dying to watch this show.

    Can’t wait for you to get your mac!!!!!

    And glad your agent loves your book 🙂 so fun!

    Man, this comment is all over the place…. Oh well. Have a great week!

  4. Lily didn hall narrowed losing his ones would her free monarchs.

    In the seventh heaven Reborn Year[url=],[/url] everyone! 🙂

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