The Silver Lining | Thankful Thursday

1. I’m thankful that I’m finally back to revising THE ART OF SELLING MY SISTER. I love this book so much, and it’s so great to get back to characters I know so well and adore. I’m rewriting the entire act 3 of this one and changing the mystery solution so it’s "bigger" and "more satisfying." I’m also amping the conflict.

2. I’m thankful that a good majority of shows are in reruns right now because I was FINALLY able to catch up on my extensive TV following schedule. I’m also thankful the Locke episode of LOST was significantly better than the waste-of-time Kate episode. I’m thankful I’m absolutely LOVING "Life Unexpected." I have a new major crush on Baze, though it’s not *so* new since I was crushing on him when I watched him on "Valentine" even though I was probably that show’s only viewer. I’m also thankful "Vampire Diaries" was renewed for a 2nd season.

3. I’m thankful for all the fabulous books I’ve been reading lately after picking up a bunch at ALA. So far I have loved: Linger, Sisters Red, The Reckoning, Before I Fall, and Spells. I’m going to be giving away at least one of these books very soon.

4. I’m thankful my wedding dress and invitations are in! I’m going to try on the dress on Saturday to make sure it’s the right one and the right size (though this will not be a first fitting, I’m scheduling that later in case some miracle happens and I actually start working out before the wedding). As I mentioned on twitter, I’ll post pics…but not until after the wedding since the boy reads the blog and I don’t want him seeing it before the Big Day.

5. I’m thankful about the new outline I wrote this month for my next WIP, which ideally I’ll start writing in March. I did write a portion during nano, but I knew some things weren’t working. Now I’ve figured out how to make them work. However, this requires starting from scratch. Still, this is a good thing! I know the manuscript will be much stronger! This is my first time dabbling in something paranormal, not contemporary, and I’m excited about that as well.

6. I’m thankful for my awesome critique partners who have helped immensely with talking about revision ideas for my sisters book as well as the new WIP. You guys rock,  and Jen Hayley!

What are you thankful for?

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  1. You weren’t Valentine’s only viewer–I watched that show, too! (Can’t say I was a big fan of it, though. My Greek mythology obsession is what sucked me in.)

    But I *do* love Life Unexpected. Here’s hoping the CW will renew it like The Vampire Diaries!

    • Wow! Glad to see another Valentine fan. I am a huge Greek mythology buff as well, so that show really excited me. Wish it had found more viewers.

      Yes, I really hope LUX is renewed!

  2. Hey Shana!

    I’m so glad you are revising THE ART OF SELLING again! It sounds like a great book 🙂 and yay for new WIPS!

    I have a question… Did you order any books at ALA MW to be delivered/shipped to you? I ordered 2 packages of books (from HarperCollins and Little Brown) and I still haven’t received any of them. *is confused/worried*

    Best of luck with the wedding dress. 🙂 Can’t wait to see photos.

    Rachel Simon

    • Oh I didn’t even know you could order books from the publishers! Doh, I wish I had done that! What did you order? *jealous* Sorry I can’t help with their whereabouts.

      • I ordered:
        OTHER by Karen Kincy (flux)
        PROPHECY OF DAYS (flux)

        They weren’t there/couldn’t fit with me on the bus back to NYC so…. yeah.

        *sigh* I guess I’ll just wait it out! Hopefully they haven’t forgotten.

        (lol you should’ve shipped–you had so many!)

        • I was a little stalker during ALA so I ended up getting all the books listed except Flux. The first two are great! I haven’t yet read the two with Guardian in the title, but I loved Prophecy of the Sisters so I’m definitely excited to read the sequel. And I’ve heard nothing but good things about Guardian of the Dead.

          You should have mailed a whole box of books back to NYC! That’s what I’m planning to do during BEA even though I live right across the river, ha. But this way I don’t have to lug so many on the bus. (I had a car during ALA.)

          • I sent them all to school because I am here more often…. I received one from EgmontUSA but none from LB or Flux. :/

            Guardian of the Dead is by Karen Healy (New Zealand author – about NZ mythology and 16 yr old girl caught up in it).

            I love Prophecy of the sisters too 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s been almost a year and a half since I last picked up this story. Nice to be back! I had trouble reorienting myself to the voice at first, but it’s smooth sailing now.

    • Hopefully I’ll be giving away Before I Fall very soon. I have someone else who wants to read it first, and then I’ll put it up in a contest!

      Team Stefan or Team Damon? I’m totally Team Damon!

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