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1. As  mentioned on her blog, she and I and some other writers are going to be hosting a "March Madness" for writers. It’s basically nano in March where you set your own goal and try to meet it. We’re hoping we can all motivate each other to be super productive that month! You can have a revising goal or a writing goal, it really doesn’t matter! Also, we’re going to be giving away prizes for participants, and well, I do have A LOT of ARCs I can give away for this. So if you’re stuck on a project, procrastinating too much, or just want to start something new, get prepared for March!

2. I’m looking into changing careers and getting certified to be a High School Computer Graphics Teacher. It seems to get certified I only need to take a teaching prep course and that’s it, since I have a degree in computer graphics and 7 years of professional experience. Is anyone a teacher in NJ? If so, I’d like to pick your brain if you don’t mind. Please post in the comments or email me at shanasilver at gmail dot com.

3. Now that I’ve been researching the teacher thing, I guess my mind is on school, and so my standard recurring nightmare has returned, though this time with a twist. Usually it’s the last semester of college and I forget I’ve signed up for Spanish but remember just in time to take the final I know nothing for. I often have to play detective and decipher where the classroom is and then beg the teacher to let me take the test. This time it was worse. It was math class and I’d been in the class semester all along…but I never scored higher than a 30 out of 100 on a quiz, so this test is my last shot to pull up my grade. Except, I really don’t know anything. I haven’t been able to memorize the complicated formulas–formulas that involve square roots in case you’re interested. I think, "Okay, just quickly memorize your notes while everyone takes their seats." My notes are SUPER neat by the way, which is odd, considering I can only keep my handwriting neat for less than a page before I get lazy and sloppy. So I start trying to memorize and then give up and try to etch the formulas into the desk, which somehow i justify in my dream as not cheating. Of course the teacher catches me and disagrees with my rationalization. He makes me put away my notebook. I’m brilliant though, so I stick the notebook under my desk–notes side up–and try to cheat that way, which is difficult because I’ve forgotten my glasses. He catches me doing that as well and takes the notebook and turns it to a blank page. Then he declares, just to spite me, that we’re not allowed to show our work. He’s just going to grade on the correct answers. I figure my best shot at this point is to pick random numbers out of my butt and hope they’re right. Then  wake up. Even though I’m laying in my bed seven years after I graduated college (and approx 11 years since I last took math since I didn’t take it in college), I sit there for several minutes freaking out about my botched exam, wondering what I can do to fix it. Eventually the lump of a boy next to me stirs and I start to remember the truth. So phew, it was only a dream, but it’s the worst kind because it seems SO REAL, not like the dreams where I’m flying or the scenery abruptly.Ever have dreams like this one?

4. I am supposed to be on a wedding diet, so why in the world did I buy a box of Girl Scout Samoas, a box of Girl Scout thin mints, some chocolate covered oreos and s’mores at this gourmet chocolate place, cookie dough fudge, and a cadbury creme egg? I suck.

5. I can’t find anyone to see PERCY JACKSON with. I even tried to beg my dad, who I can always count on to see whatever movie I want when no one else will. He said no! I want to see it!

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  1. I think teaching would be great for you!

    You don’t need to go on a diet, so eat those cookies!

    I’d go to Percy Jackson with you! Lucky for me I have a 9 yr old son to drag to movies!

  2. If you lived closer, I’d see Percy Jackson with you.

    All that chocolate makes me suspect you’re expecting a visit from your Aunt Flo soon. (Tactless, but true.)

    *wonders if you have an ARC of Will Grayson, Will Grayson, for which I am nearly desperate*

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