The Silver Lining | March Madness check in: Day 5

I always find the start of the first week of nano easy. You’re excited, you can’t wait to start this project, you haven’t had a chance to encounter any set backs yet. But then as the first week winds down, you start to get frustrated. Maybe you haven’t had as much time as you’d hoped to devote to writing. Maybe the story is just not flowing like you wanted it to. Maybe the plot has changed completely from what you initially outlined.

Don’t get discouraged! Keep writing! The best thing you can do during set backs is to push through them!

So I want to know how everyone is doing? Are you on track? Have you fallen behind? Are you ahead of the game?

As for me, I’m still behind. 12-hour work days are difficult and squeezing in writing during the work day has proved to be harder than I thought. But the good news is I plan to make up my writing goals this weekend. And my work project ends tonight, so I’ll have much more free time! So even though I’m behind, I’m looking forward to leveling out my progress and getting back on track.

Stick with it! And don’t forget to check in tomorrow at Elle’s blog:

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  1. Good morning!

    So in doing March Madness and setting word count goals, I find myself racing toward a number, instead of quality of what I’m writing. With the first 2 books I wrote, I would write a chunk, then review, then think about it, tweak it, then move forward.

    On this one, I’m trying the NaNoWriMo method of attempting to get words on the paper. I’m figuring that once I have the bones, I can double back and flesh it out, edit and make it grow.

    That said, having a word count goal is something that’s quantifiable and you can push yourself toward, which can be a very valuable thing. I think it’s been helping me to focus during my writing hours instead of being distracted by Life and all those other things that come up.

    I’m not sure which method is better. Curious about everyone else’s experiences and thoughts on the subject.

    • I’ve tried both ways, Shari. One thing I really like about the “Nano” method is that I’ve had some stuff emerge from my brain that I don’t think I would have found if I’d tried to “think” it out too much. Sometimes making yourself push forward forces you explore different directions than you might otherwise.

  2. Hey! On track with my YA (one chapter per day), no first draft on my MG synopsis though. So, hoping to make today the day for that.

    WooHOO, for more free time, hope those words flow, flow, flow.

  3. I’m on track – did another 5 pages yesterday!! I’m so glad to have ya’ll to keep me going and accountable!! Thank you. Shana, hope you have a wonderful writing weekend!

  4. Like you, Shana, I am still a little behind. I plan on catching up a little today, though. Also, I will have tons of time to write next week, and I cannot wait!

    🙂 Good luck to you.

  5. 350 words this morning. Crazy busy day ahead which will conclude at a wine reception with fabulous authors and illustrators including John Green.

    Filling up the well today.

    Hope you all enjoy a fabulous writing weekend!

  6. I got a little behind on my revision yesterday, I’ll admit. I had some good news this week that has thrown things off — I feel as though I need to take a moment and settle down, if that makes sense — and so, tonight and tomorrow, I’m taking my WIP to a quiet place to work on it (a place without Internet, too). Looking forward to this. Good luck to everyone!

  7. Congrats on the progress, everyone!

    yascribe, sounds like you’ll have an awesome end to your busy day! Enjoy…. 🙂

    jeniwrites, heading to an internet-free zone is SO wise. I should really do that.

    As for me, I’m behind, but I’m feeling optimistic about remedying that, now that I’ve done some plot-figuring-out work.

  8. I didn’t write yesterday either; stuff came up. Fortunately my goal is small enough that this doesn’t really set me back, as long as I write this weekend. Which I should have time to do.

  9. I had a pretty good day, hitting a section of my book I really like. I made lots of changes and finished up a chapter, but it didn’t feel like such hard work today.

    If I can do a bit more and get ahead, I plan to take either Saturday or Sunday off. Between this and my first pass pages, my brain is starting to fry.

  10. I only got to start late since I spent the day out of town, but I just managed to cross my daily word count goal of 1200. My total for March is 7783 now, out of a goal of 25k.

    Did an exciting scene yesterday, doing relatively boring ones today. Worried I’ll have to cut them later, but well, that’s a concern for later.

  11. I hit my five page goal yesterday but only got in three today before the kiddos got home from school. Once that happens, all bets are off. hopefully I will be able to make it up tomorrow. I worked weekends off into my goal for this very reason.

    this accountability factor is REALLY helping me stick to task. thanks guys!

  12. I think I’m probably a bit behind. I didn’t get much done yesterday due to family members’ illnesses, but I did get a little revision in.

    Next week should be better. Weekends are usually terrible for me, so I don’t expect to get much done before Monday.

    Thanks for hosting this so I have someone to be accountable to!

  13. I’m elated to be well ahead of my schedule but I know that next week is going to be significantly more difficult. It looks like we may have company with us all week so I’ll be more like several others in this effort… squeezing my writing into snatched snippets of time. Today, however, I’m working through Ch. 17 and that’s exactly half (the easy half) of the 34.

    Good luck to everyone for a barrage of words over the weekend!


  14. I’m just now sitting down to start revising, which I guess is about normal…except that I don’t normally wake up at 6:15am! My brother is getting married tomorrow so we traveled for the wedding. I’m exhausted, but the hubs is asleep and I have a cup of coffee and my WIP ready to go! Just 2500 words of revisions stand between me and some sleep…I can make it happen.

  15. Well, I’d hoped to write a little each day. What I hadn’t planned on was that I’d get so stuck that I wouldn’t be able to come up with a little. This weekend, when I have some time to really concentrate, I have to push through this section. If I can break through, I know my word count will soar. I’m really worried that the 11,000 words I’ve got into this novel are all CRAP!

    Glad to see others doing well. It is so nice to know we aren’t alone in front of our computers.

  16. I’m behind. I didn’t get a chance to write today. Crossing my fingers for tomorrow though.

    Congratulations on getting your work project done! Happy writing 🙂

  17. Day 5 rocked. Gotta tell ya. I’m aiming for 750 words a day. What did I write? 1500! Woo! I’m on a roll, the further in I get the easier it’s coming. Yeah! Feeling good today.


  18. HI all
    Here it is, Sat morning, and very dark outside my window right now. It’s 4:22 and I’m on my first cup of coffee reading last night’s emails.
    I couldn’t get over to this sight yesterday. Kept getting a blank page, so am happy to be her telling you that I had a great writing day yesterday.I reworked a chapter on my midgrade and hope to get on to the next one today. I’ve never worked on much other than a 500 word pb manuscript so this wordy piece is very differnt to me. I’m not sure about a lot of things. I’m wondering how you all organize a longer manuscript. I’ve worked up a synopsis to go along with the pages I subbed for our upcoming May conference. It was at the suggestion of friends, and that in itself has given me a direction of a sort, because I’m all over the place! Any other helpful hints or advice out there?
    Whoops! am I only supposed to be checking in without asking all of my questions?
    Thanks for this March boot.

  19. Checking in

    Okay, I signed up Monday and somehow spaced on the fact that I was supposed to be checking in daily. At least I’ve been writing. My goal for the week was to finish my structural revisions and I have! Now I get to print the whole thing out and start revision round two (stuff such as telling details, voice, and secondary character arcs). I’m shooting to finish in two weeks, leaving the last week in March for polishing.

    March madnessly yours,

  20. March 9th!

    I think this is where I check in today. Of course, I’m really checking in on yesterday’s progress.
    Not much to report. Worked the day job in the flower shop…love it, but tg I only work part time or I wouldn’t get much writing done. That’s good for me though. I had time to move things around in there, much like moving things around in a story. Or setting things aside for later (like lugging things to the basement) Or deleting the not so important (taking “fluff” notices, signs, to the dumpster) Puts me in perspective with my job and with my writing…does that only make sense to me?
    I did write a few words in the car. I know, bad, but it’s a half hour each way of country roads, and my mind goes rampant sometimes. Looked up a few possible editors for subbing my non-fiction pb manuscript to, after I got home. Today is another day job day. Hope the rest of you have a great day of writing or otherwise.
    Geez, this check in keeps me true to my writing.

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