The Silver Lining | March Madness: Check in day 12

Here we are, day 12 already. Wow this month is going fast!

I want to applaud Angelina Hanson for being so dedicated and getting up 2-hours early every day to write! And I want to congratulate Lisa Schroeder for completing her first draft! Great job, ladies! These are just a couple of successes and awesome progresses I’ve noticed and wanted to draw attention to them in hopes they may inspire others! Everyone is doing great, even if you are falling behind (like I still am).

This week, though I thought I’d have more free time because I wasn’t working, ended up being not as productive as I’d hope. Several things set me back: the insane amount of time I have to spend planning my wedding (now 2 1/2 months away, eek!), a novel sold last week with a similar premise to my WIP and I freaked out but later realized this means there’s a market for it and my premise is still very very different and unique enough to stand on its own, and querying. Because all I want to do is refresh refresh refresh my email, and I’ve found it’s difficult to get in the writing mind-set until after 5pm when I know the publishing world goes home. (Stupid, considering I’ve received a lot of requests/responses in the evening.)

So today I have a new plan to combat my procrastination. I’m going to lug my computer over a mile to the nearest Starbucks and write there. Wish there was one closer and wish I had a car to drive there, but neither is the case. That’s dedication! Also, I will offer myself rewards for a job well done. If I write over 2k, I get to see Alice In Wonderland tonight!

How is everyone else doing?

eta: I always forget to include this. Don’t forget to check in tomorrow at Elle Strauss’s blog.

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  1. Good luck at Starbucks! I do that with a writing buddy ever other week or so, for the very reasons you talk about…and it totally works. Even didn’t allow myself to log on to the internet.

    FINALLY finished (well, “finished”) chapter eight of my book! So, now it’s on to nine, then ten. It’s been a slooow go. Hoping to pick up the speed. But, have to say that reading everyone’s progress, and seeing the variety…it has kept me moving forward.

    Good luck with your book! I get the need to refresh, refresh,, oh, man.

    Congrats to Lisa and Angelina!!

    Happy Writing All.

  2. OOOh, report back on Alice in Wonderland!! See, I”m thinking positive that you’ll get those 2K done.

    This morning I’m revising for a few hours, then sending off to my agent for a read. And then I’m off shopping to hopefully find something cute to wear this weekend since I have two book events. Eek!

    Happy writing everyone!

  3. Yay, Shana! I hope you’re at the Starbucks right now, being very productive!

    I’m jealous about Alice in Wonderland. But…Ted wants to see it too, so we’re thinking of going this weekend. Yay!

    I have high aspirations today – if I can revise 2 chapters then I’ll take a day over the weekend off again. We’ll see how that goes…

  4. I like your ideas about Starbucks and Alice! Maybe I’ll steal them for tomorrow. 🙂

    Yesterday I finished my scene and started the next one, which was about 650 words. My goal is to finish this new scene today; it’s not very long so I should be able to.

  5. Congrats everyone!

    I keep forgetting to check in everywhere but here…

    Last night, even though I was exhausted and my eyes were trying to close, I stayed up and edited my chapter! And my work load is light today so I’m hoping to sneak in a few chapter revisions this afternoon, as long as I can finish all my work this morning.

  6. I’m half way through my revisions and hoping to finish at least another 1/4 if not the rest today!

    Hope your writing goes well and that you get to see Alice in Wonderland tonight!

  7. I’m slugging through some hard chapters. Hard mainly because I’m not sure what should happen now. I know I’m going to finish this round of revisions coming in way short for word count, but that’s okay. Then I’ll print it up and have a good look at what’s missing and how I can fix it.

    Not today though. I’m taking a day off. (shh, don’t tell anyone!)

  8. Good luck at Starbucks! Sometimes my husband & I go to the coffee shop for writing dates, and I don’t get an internet password so I can’t be distracted. It really works for me.

    I keep forgetting to check in, but I don’t have much to report since the almost-5K on Monday. Goal for this weekend is to write at least another 5K.I have plans tonight but I’m hoping to eke out at least 500 words.

  9. Still trying to revise and reduce word count. There are some scenes I am debating about. Toss or revise?

    Hope you get to see Alice in Wonderland tonight.

  10. Wedding planning! I remember those days (just four years ago). Hope you’re able to take time to enjoy the planning (and time with your fiance), too.

    I made it through the Really Sticky Chapter I was revising and have started on another. Very excited. Good luck to everyone!

  11. Being mom interrupted my writing plans for the day yesterday. Today is a different story, though. We’re having enforced naptime and I am going to get out the next chapter if it kills me. I’m dying to break through 10K.


  12. Shana,
    Thanks for the pat on the back. Didn’t Tom Petty sing something about “the waiting is the hardest part”? I feel your pain.

    Hope the Starbucks thing is working for you.

    I shut my e-mail off this morning.

    This morning I’m another 1000 words into my WIP. One thing that has helped me keep the flow this time around is using the comments bar (in Word). Every time I write something that makes me realize I need to go back and change something else, I just make a note there to remind me to go back and take care of it in revision. Keeps my editor/perfectionist self from taking over the creative flow of this first draft.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  13. Yay for Lisa and Angelina!

    Smaller word count than I would have liked today, but I’m also doing some research that I think will help plot and characters.

    I may even try to sneak some writing in on Sunday if the family will let me.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  14. Well, I had a great day of writing, though I don’t know exactly how to put it into words (and honestly, I’m a bit tired of putting things into words!) Moved a bunch of scenes around, figured out a bit of my pacing problems. Things are looking up today.

  15. Today has been very productive. About a month ago, it was pointed out to me that the beginning of my WIP really had nothing to do with where the story wound up going. I conceeded this point and filed that section away for book two. Then, I thought, AH HA! I know how to make it work. I can change this, this,and this in part two and it will work. Sweet!

    So I started working on those changes. It was a struggle, words were coming out, but they weren’t doing anything, they were just words on the screen. Then this morning I sat down at the computer and just started writing. It came after I started what my problem had been – I’d started in the wrong place again. I needed to back up even more. Now the words are flowing out and painting pretty pictures. I realized that I was writing a whole new beginning for my book and that the old beginning, while good (I think), did indeed have to go.

    Oh, well. But I really like the new beginning and am very excited about it.

    I’m very tired now. Good night everybody.

  16. Dangling a movie you want to see in front of you while writing is great. Hope you like it!

    I’ve collated most of the comments from my crit group and have started typing stuff in. Three chapters down! But uh…those are easy edits. The hard ones (replace chapter X with something else) are coming up…

  17. First, congrats to Angelina and Lisa – awesome accomplishments!

    Sorry to say life got in the way today. I managed only 100 words, but I plan to make up for it tomorrow.

  18. All I did today was re-read the two chapters I previously revised, and tried to think through how to reorganize future chapters if I delete two scenes. Aghhh!

    On a happy note, however, we have out-of-town family visiting and we all went to see “Alice in Wonderland” in digital 3D the other night. It’s wild and wonderful… and you’ll enjoy it if you don’t mind the scary parts. Not recommended for young children, but interesting to see just for the special effects.

    Tomorrow I write!

  19. Forgot to check in yesterday (Fri) so here I am anyway. I wrote 2 words! Yes, 2 very important words. So let me explain. When I walk, I take either a piece of my writing or someone else’s to crit. I love to have something to think about while I walk out here in the country. So yesterday, I had part of a chapter with me and was reading, when “all of a sudden” I wrote a word in the margin, then another. Folded the papers back up again, shoved them in my pocket and contemplated those words for the rest of my walk. That walk took me to a Fri morning neighborhood coffe, then off to town with friend, and that was mostly the day.
    Except got a reject on a story that I thought was perfect for the publisher I sent it to…guess he didn’t!

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