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Scour the internet for a cute Veronica Mars avatar, bookmark the episodes on, and get ready for…


Last year Sonia Gensler hosted a similar discussion for My So-Called Life (ahhh Jordan Catalano…swoon!) and it was awesome. We watched each episode and analyzed it. I learned things I hadn’t learned before about the show and myself (like how I never realized I completely ignore adult storylines and focus only on the teens).

We’ve been wanting to do a similar discussion for VERONICA MARS and I volunteered to host it.

I’m excited to dissect the mysteries and really study when and how the writers drop clues and red herrings. I’m also looking forward to analyzing how exactly they turned Logan from an unlikable antagonist into a crush-worthy love interest in one season. As fun as this rewatch and discuss will be, it will also be educational! We can improve vital writing skills, people!

Not to mention gushing over the clever dialogue. Some examples of fave quotes:

Principal Van Clemmons: Logan, can I have a word?
Logan: Anthropomorphic, all yours big guy.

Veronica’s dad: So how was your date?
Veronica: Oh, you know. Lousy conversation, but the sex was fantastic!
Veronica’s dad: That’s not funny.
Veronica: I don’t know. I’m pretty sure it was.

There are many other things I love. Veronica herself, probably my favorite fictional character ever. She’s tough yet vulnerable. She’s loyal, sticking by her father even if it means losing all her friends. I could go on and on. Plus, I love the dynamic between Veronica and her father and can see that as a great topic of discussion, which we can compare to absentee-parents that seem to be prevalent in YA.

So how does it work?

If you’re interested in discussing with us, please post here to sign-up as the discussions might be locked for participants only so as not to annoy people on my friends’ list. (It will depend mostly on how many LJers we have versus non-LJers.) Also, if you could post which day(s) would be best for you to discuss, that would be helpful! I’ll tally the best days and figure out what works best for the majority.

I figure we’ll try to watch and discuss one episode per week, maybe starting as early as next week. New viewers and returning viewers to Veronica Mars are welcome to join! Feel free to spread the word about this to anyone you think might be interested. You don’t have to participate every week, of course, whatever works best for you. Each week I’ll try to spark discussion on some aspect of the episode and then I’ll post my own thoughts.

And now I leave you with a video of a favorite scene to help entice you further.

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  1. Here via the marvelous soniag. Although I never seem to have time for these things, since the eps are available and I always wanted to watch VM – count me in. I won’t be able to start until week after next (gave up tv for Lent), but I can catch up if you start next week.

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. Hi. I’m ‘s sister and the one who got her hooked on VM, so she told me about this. I’m so in! Never can have too much discussion of the best-written show of its decade… 🙂

  3. Can I join? Has it started yet? I thought this might be the moment to finally watch Veronica Mars, and this way will be so much more fun!
    I’m in Spain, so I don’t think my schedule would fit in to anyone else’s anyway, so I’ll just try to pop in whenever possible.

  4. I’m also up for a re-watch of one of my favorite series. Please let me know if we need to create LJ accounts to participate.

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