The Silver Lining | March Madness Check in Day 23

Welcome to day 23! Wow, it’s gone by so fast. We’ve finally made it to spring and the weather has kindly obliged here in NYC! 

Last week I recharged my motivation and inspiration at the NYC Teen Author Festival (recap coming tomorrow). I had such a blast and it renewed my writing energy. So today for those slacking (and even those on a role), I’d like to suggest you ways to renew (or prolong) your energy.

-Re-read a favorite book that gives you the warm fuzzies about writing.
-Read a new book you’ve been excited about. Re-watch an old TV show you love (may I suggest Veronica Mars? And perhaps you’ll want to participate in the discussion that will be starting on this blog soon. See the previous blog post for details).
-Go for a long walk and let your mind wander.
-Search babyname sites and see if any names spark a new character in your mind.
-Allow yourself to dabble in that project you’ve been ignoring.
-Rewrite your last scene from the opposite angle, example, if your characters get together, maybe in your new version they don’t.
-Rewrite a scene from your novel from a different POV.

The list goes on and on.

What are other ways to jumpstart your creativity and motivation?

And how are you coming along today?

And don’t forget to check in at Jen Hayley’s blog tomorrow:

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  1. I love reading (and re-reading) books with prose that is almost poetic, like Maggie Stiefvater’s SHIVER, and anything by Kate DiCamillo. Their writing makes me want to reach for a higher level of writing in my own work, which is rejuvenating. Walking my dogs (I have a Westie and a Pug) also is good — sometimes I untangle challenges I’m facing with my WIP during walks around the neighborhood.

    I’m at p. 116/154 in my revision, and am thrilled. Happy writing to you!

  2. I haven’t had much time for writing since I’ve been getting taxes ready (appointment tomorrow). Does filling out the accountant’s tax update form count? 😉 I’ll be glad when tomorrow is over and I can get back to writing. =D

  3. My favorite thing to do to recharge is to go on a long car ride, as a passenger not a driver. Which is harder in the winter as the roads are bad. But something about staring out the window watching the world go by is so peaceful and yet it stimulates my imagination.

    Yesterday I completed another scene in 1 day. Two more to go until I reach my goal, and then onward from there.

  4. I finished revisions!! Woot!

    Except…I totally didn’t. Now it’s back to chapter one to chip away again, plus I’m way behind on CP reading! Still, it felt good to get to the end 🙂

  5. Going out always helps. Good thing I have two huge dogs to walk and the weather is surprisingly decent as of late! 🙂

    Other menial tasks are good too. Loading in the dishwasher. Even playing silly card games helps sometimes. Or even, surprisingly, just thinking about the book directly. I can stare at a wall and the ideas that come usually get me all excited to get back to writing.

    Currently I’m at 33k-and-some-change out of my new-fangled goal of 40k. So it’s going decently, but I still need to squeeze out a few hundred words before bed if I want to make my daily goal.

  6. I’m slowing down. Sigh. Not even aiming to reach my word count anymore, but aiming to at least write every day, and I’m still doing that.
    I’ve hit a snag, you see. I am exactly in the middle of the book. And the middle is hard. But I’m trying. We’ll see. Hopefully when I work through the middle and am on the downward slope toward the end the words will start flying out of me again.


  7. One of the things that sparks my creativity is reading books on the craft of storytelling.

    This morning I painted myself into a story corner and have spent the rest of the day thinking about a way out. I found the way an hour ago, but now I’m too tired to put it on “paper”. Tomorrow.

    I’m seeing the finish line of this first draft straight ahead. Phew!

    Hang in there, everyone.

  8. March Madness Check in Day 23

    I had to work a lot for the past two days and wasn’t able to get much writing done on the bus, but I’m trying to get my scenes in some kind of order for my next draft.

  9. Finally got back into my writing. Added about 500 words and cut about 300, but made it a better chapter. And now, I have a solid outline for the next couple of chapters. It’s going to be a great week.


  10. Some great ideas there, Shana – thanks! I like “dabble in that project you’ve been ignoring”… that’s definitely a good strategy for me when I get stalled on something.

    Got a decent amount done today. The word count didn’t go up much, as I kept cutting stuff (but that’s generally a good thing!). Still, I’m happy with my progress. A little scared about how close the end of March is, though, compared to how far away my goal still seems.

  11. It was fun to see you again last week! Hope your new project that you outlined recently is going well. BTW, I love Veronica Mars! I was so sad when it got canceled!

    After trying to figure out something that wasn’t working, I have a plan. I’ve been writing like mad the last 2 days. No idea if my plan or the new pages work, but I like them.

  12. 1000 words tonight! Still have a long way to go, but I’m getting there! Even if I fall short of my goal, it will be an improvement over last month. My new word total is 18,649. And I wrote a sex scene which I’m feeling like a 12 year old about turning in to my advisor LOL… and already having nightmares about getting published someday and preventing my grandparents from reading it… one step at a time! 😉

  13. I accomplished a fair amount in a late night session, making it to half way through Ch. 35, the second last chapter. I finally stalled, though… don’t like where the new ending is going after all. Drat!

    One of the inspirational jumpstarts I use is reading Jane Yolen’s “Take Joy”, or something of Julia Cameron’s. So I’ll start Wednesday off with reading and hope I find some inspiration.

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