The Silver Lining | March Madness: Check in day 30

Welcome to check-in day 30. I’m declaring today a celebration today for many reasons. 1) Because of all your hard work this month. We’re nearing the end of the line and…celebrations at the end are expected. So let’s debunk the trend and celebrate early. You deserve to party! Even if you didn’t reach your goal, even if you wrote nothing this month, even if you wrote more than you ever thought you could, you still accomplished! Just checking in on these blog posts means you’re serious. GOOD JOB! 2) It’s my birthday and, well, that is always cause for celebration. I feel this is the last year I can get really excited about a birthday because next year? It’s a scary milestone with a word I don’t want to say to define my age. But this year I turned 29 and 29 is not so scary to say.

So check in today, tell me how you’re doing, but also you must PARTY! How do you celebrate your accomplishments?

And as an added bonus…you are only allowed to receive good news today. I’m declaring today a "No rejection" day. Also, calories don’t count today so eat as much as you want! And wishes come true today! Yes, this day is just full of goodness.

Other good things I plan to celebrate today:
*My wedding invitations are being mailed today! That’s also something to celebrate. But only if they actually do go out in the world. Last I heard my mom was sitting in the post office unable to go inside because she was too emotional.
**Stephenie Meyer is releasing her new novella at Midnight on June 5th which is my wedding day…so what are the chances I drag everyone from the rehearsal dinner to the nearest bookstore to continue the celebration at a midnight release party? 
***Lost is on tonight and every week I have a viewing party with friends. I’m excited about that. I loved last week’s ep and I hope we continue to get answers.
****Leftovers. I went to a Passover Seder last night at my parents’ house and came home with lots of good food. Homemade matzoh ball soup. My mom’s famous meatballs. Potato latkes. Yay!

What are you celebrating? And how is your progress coming along?

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  1. With so much excitement and energy in the air, how could we do anything but rejoice?

    I joyfully turned the big 40 last week and declared 2010 the “official year of the book contract”. I hope the same for you, with the addition of “marital bliss”.

    Still writing. I’d forgotten how many days it takes me to finish the last pages of a story. I thought I’d be done by now, but each word, each sentence, takes me way longer at the end. Determined to wrap it up by tomorrow…

  2. Happy birthday! I like the way you celebrate! I am going to celebrate by going to Hawaii tomorrow. 😀 (Well, it’s really a Christmas present, but does that really matter?) I haven’t quite accomplished my goals because I’ve been busy packing, but I’ve got a long plane ride tomorrow to fill with writing, so I’m not worried at all. 🙂

  3. I’m checking in to say that YAY! I haven’t finished my goals but I’m not guilty about it either! Hoorah!

    I was seriously derailed by sick kids, a MG blog/website project, and some depressing non-news on my submission (aka a whole lot of silence). But I’ll finish this revision sooner or later.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

    I say, do take your friends/bridal party to the bookstore at midnight the night before your wedding. You may not sleep much that night, anyway — and reading her new book may calm your nerves.

    I reached “the end,” in terms of the page number, on this revision yesterday — woo hoo! — and, um, ended up e-mailing it to the agent who had requested a full seven weeks ago (and I sent it then, not realizing it needed more work). The good news is, he wrote back and said that he’s enjoying the story, and wanted to know what I’d addressed in the revision. The bad news is, he said he worried the end result might not be for him. But I will focus on the good today, as you said. Enjoy your birthday!

  5. Even though it looks like I only got halfway to my goal, just that fact that I spent time working on revisions almost every day this month makes me feel good.

    Make the book release part of your wedding celebration! Or, sneak out and go to the book release. Maybe nobody will notice.

    I freaked out so bad at 27 (went to the cosmetics counter at Nordstroms and asked for wrinkle cream) that I was over it by the time I was 30.

    Today, I am celebrating buying a new purse. The old one broke on the way into town, and I HAD to buy a new one. Sigh.

  6. A happy, happy birthday to you! That’s an excellent reason to be celebrating. And if numbers intimidate you, you could do what a friend of mine does… celebrate the anniversary of your happiest birthday. As she turned 50 she celebrated the 29th anniversary of her 21st birthday. 🙂

    I mentioned a couple days ago that I accomplished my goal of revising one of my novels. Every time I read a chapter I find myself tweaking words and sentences, but that will probably always be the case. The overall job is done and I’m so relieved. I celebrated with a huge bowl of popcorn.

  7. No time to celebrate (but happy birthday again to you!) Painted the house today. Does that count for anything? Didn’t thinks so. Hoping to squeeze half an hour of writing in now. Congrats to everyone else who is doing so well!

  8. I’m not even close to my goals but I’m celebrating all you wonderful authors who have hosted our March Madness this month because, I did accomplish something and something is so much more than nothing.

    Happy Birthday! I never even blinked at 30. With your accomplishments, you shouldn’t have to either.

    I’m celebrating international relations by going to a band concert tonight of 120 or so kids. Half from right here in Central Oregon and the other half from Kogane, Japan. Love that!

    Love life. Must write a bit before I leave. Bon Anniversaire!


  9. I got some March Madnessing in, actually in an unexpected form. I gutted my entire second chapter, probably added about 1000 words (*weeps for word count*) but it’s stronger now. Can’t wait to send it off to betas.

    I just got an R today on a partial and though it hurt, I think it’s lit a fire under my but to really rework my story to make it as good as it can be. Sigh, this is such a hard biz.

  10. Yay to all of your awesomeness!! Congrats on the wedding. On the day me and a friend went to pick up my wedding rings at the jewler, we next stopped at the attorney’s to sign her divorce papers. I’m happy to say 16 years later we are still married.

    There is always time for a book store 🙂 especially after a wedding.

    March Madness has been interesting. I’m still working away. Did some linguistics research today and found an article on some Anglo Saxon words I did’t expect to find. Yay for university libraries!

    And in your honor, I give you a Snoopy Dance.

  11. Happy birthday, Shana!

    I celebrated today by having some fabulous green coconut tea and buying two new books at B&N: Sarah MacLean’s 9 Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake & Elizabeth Scott’s Unwritten Rule (an Easter present for my little sis, but I’m thoughtfully pre-reading it for her ;)).

    As far as March Madness, I revised the first 60 or so pages of my book. I’m not quite sure I’ll hit that third goal of getting through the first 100 pages, but I should get close!

  12. Happy birthday, Shana! 😀

    My son has a chocolate cake in the oven RIGHT NOW, so I will pause soon and PAR-TAY! And then, back to work. I srsly thought it was the 29th today. Spent the whole day thinking I had two more days to go. Alas, no. Just tomorrow to reach my goal. But I think (desperately hope) I’ve figured out how this novel should end. Yay! So now to get busy and write that ending.

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