The Silver Lining | Friday Five

1. I’m in the middle of a pretty large revision and I heart it so much. I’m removing a subplot, reducing the roles of two characters, increasing the role of another character, combining a bunch of scenes together, adding some awesome new scenes I am beyond excited to write, adding more clarity and information in places it lacked, and also adding more humor/making the voice more consistent/wittier. I’ve already revised several conversations that are much funnier than they were before and I love the added humor! I’m so excited by these revisions. It’s going to be epic, but so so worth it when I’m done. I just wish I could devote all my waking hours to this instead of having to waste my time at work…or sleeping.

2. Aside from email stalking because of querying, I’ve also been snail mail stalking because of wedding invitation responses. So far my acceptance rate is very high! And when I get a rejection? It hurts a lot more than a writing R, especially when it’s a form "No" without a concrete reason! The personalized responses are my favorite, like the ones that draw a smiley face in the "will attend" box. I also get some interesting adverbs. The response card says, "So so will ________ attend" and people will write in an adverb usually "gladly" or "definitely" but then we get some like "obviously" which was my favorite. My sister tried to think of something funny, but she failed with "reluctantly." 

3. My bachelorette party was last weekend. I had such a great time! The adorable Jen Hayley came! My sister planned the perfect event. It started at Color Me Mine ceramics studio where I painted a platter for guests to sign at the wedding. Except…I spelled my future last name wrong on it! Doh. Luckily I as able to wipe it off and start again. And the sad part was that I had JUST joked about how funny it would be if I accidentally misspelled it. Self-fulfilling prophecy. After that we went back for drinks at my sister’s apartment, then dinner at Mexican, which I love. And then bar hopping where we had guys sign my shirt to give me advice. I bet you could never guess what kind of advice guys give. Anyway, I posted pics on Facebook, but here are a select few:
From left to right: Picture 1 = Me and my sister. Picture 2 = Me and Jen Hayley. Picture 3 = me at ceramics. Picture 4 = the girls at dinner.


4. I’m getting really excited for BEA next month. Anyone planning on coming to NYC that I don’t already know about? We have to meet up!

5. Don’t forget to join the Veronica Mars discussion. You can discuss the pilot here or join us next Thursday for episode 2.

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  1. Color Me Mine

    That looks like an awesome bachelorette! I went to color me mine for my bachelorette as well!

    -Nadine: Maui Author (sorry, I don’t have a livejournal account)

  2. I LOVE the idea of a ceramic platter for the guests to sign! My wedding was nearly four years ago (our anniversary is next month), and reading your updates brings up so many happy memories of that time. Cheering for you as you continue with your wedding planning — and with your revisions!

      • Waiting is always stressful! I’m trying to keep my mind on other things like my latest wip. I got my first editor rejection the other day, but hopeful someone on the list will say yes. Sooner than later, please!

        How’s your query process going? Have you tried Natalie Fischer?

        • Sorry about the R. Did you get good feedback? My fingers are crossed for you!

          Natalie is definitely on my list but I haven’t had a chance to query her yet (mostly because I’ve been lazy and haven’t gotten to the post office for snail queries). Anyway, the revision I’m doing is for the book I had been querying–I got an R&R as well as other feedback–so when I finish and make the book all sparkly and much stronger, I’ll be sure to query Natalie! I’ve heard great things about her.

  3. Congrats on revisions going so well, your party and it looks like you had a blast. I’ll be home/in NYC the 27th but I’ll be jet-lagged so I’m not sure if I’ll be at BEA. (However I’ll be in NYC all summer so we should hang out!! Do lunch…or something!)

    • Yes, we’ll definitely need to hang out this summer! Let me know when you get here officially. June may be difficult because of wedding/honeymoon but the rest is wide open.

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