The Silver Lining | Veronica Mars episode 3: Meet John Smith

Apologies for not getting this post up yesterday. I have a good excuse! I got so consumed by revisions that I didn’t realize I’d used up all my time for the day until I looked at the clock and only had 10 minutes to straighten my hair and get dressed before heading into NYC to meet my friend for facials (we got free coupons at a wedding expo earlier this month) and dinner.

Will probably do another post later today to share the story of how gullible I am. AKA, I was punked. And good! 

So what did you guys think of episode 3?

First, I must shout out one of my fave Veronica lines:
Keith: How was your date?
Veronica: Lousy conversation, but the sex was fantastic
Keith: That’s not funny
Veronica: I’m pretty sure it was.

I also love the scene on the bleachers where Duncan stands up and says, "Six guys. Bleachers. Jump in when you’re feeling this." Pause. Sings, "Summer loving, had me a blast…"

Love those lines! I have been watching for Logan’s pining looks like someone pointed out in the comments–wasn’t it episode 3 where Jason learned of Logan’s feelings?–and I definitely saw some of those long glances in this ep.

The interesting thing I found about this episode was that we didn’t receive any clues toward the season long mysteries. If you consider there’s three of them–Lilly’s murder, Veronica’s virginity, why Lianne Mars left–the only one we sort of got info about was Lianne, and that turned out to be a complete dead end with nothing new learned. Maybe the stuff with Duncan could be considered a clue (to the red herring). I always thought we got at least one clue per episode and the first half the season was devoted to DISPROVING Abel Koontz was the murder while the second have was devoted to finding the real murderer.

I did enjoy all the insight we got to Duncan’s life. I found myself liking Duncan a bit in this ep, or at least sympathizing with him. I never really liked him in previous viewings so I’m guessing something will change my mind again because I am huge Team Logan/Anti Duncan.

As far as the mystery of the week goes, I think this was definitely the best one so far. I like how Veronica had nothing to work with and still solved the case, though I don’t know why she didn’t think of grabbing the kid’s office file earlier. I remember this being the first episode that surprised me who the culprit (for lack of a better term) was. But that was before I learned to write mysteries. By season 2, I was rarely surprised.

So what did you think?

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  1. I must confess I was a bad girl and watched two episodes in a row – and I loved episode 4 SO MUCH that it kind of wiped ep. 3 from my mind. *cowers in shame*

    I was definitely looking out for those longing glances too, but I must confess I didn’t really “feel” Logan in this episode. Except for the scene were Veronica walks up to Duncan, asking so hopefully how he felt, and he walks past barely aknowledging her; I liked how Logan didn’t walk away with Duncan but just stood there beside her, kind of helpless.

    I also loved the mystery. I don’t watch mysteries usually, so that one completely surprised me. And I also liked the scenes with Duncan. I’m sorry for the kid.

    And what about Veronicas boyfriend – args, I forgot his name, Troy? He seems like a nice kid, and he and Veronica seem well suited, so I wonder what will happen to him. I hope nothing very bad, but I’m not holding my hopes up…

    I need a VM icon for these discussions.

    • Oooh, now you have me excited for episode 4. I don’t even remember what it is yet!

      I did notice that part you mentioned about Logan not walking away.

      I totally forgot to talk about Troy. I found him really likable here.

  2. I love this ep

    First, let me say that the bit of Father/Daughter dialog you quoted is some of my favorite snark from the entire series. Just hilarious. I love her face as she thinks about it for a minute and decides that no, she’s pretty sure it is funny. Too good.

    Then, I have to say, I really like this episode. This is where the whole solving cases for schoolmates begins, and I like that a lot. It also pioneers Wallace stealing her files, which is fun to see. I’ve never been a big fan of Duncan (or the actor who plays him) but I’m impressed with the look we get into his life here. It’s not exactly sunshine and roses.

    One thing that really intrigues me is how much more trusting Veronica is here. She’s cautious, but even with everything that’s happened to her, she’s not as damaged as we’ll see later. This seems especially evident in her relationship with Troy.

    • Re: I love this ep

      You bring up a really good point about Veronica, which is especially interesting because I think, technically, she should be more damaged BEFORE the pilot. I mean, when we first meet her, she has zero friends. She’s lost every single one of them. She doesn’t even really have student clients of her own. And later she gains things, not loses. So I’m curious to see what makes her more damaged.

      I agree though, the first two eps were more about character than mystery and this episode solidifies Veronica as the person who solves cases for classmates. She solved episode 2’s case, but technically it was for the grandmother.

  3. Back when VM first aired, I thought that the first two episodes were just okay. Then I saw this one and went, “Whoa. This show is different.” I just love the twist in the Mystery of the Week–it totally caught me off guard and solidified this show’s amazingness.

    Also, I absolutely love that Veronica/Keith quote you shared. I’ve adored their relationship since the pilot, and it’s so fun to see Veronica joke around with her dad like that.

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