The Silver Lining | Veronica Mars episode 4 discussion: The Wrath of Con

Wow, I loved this episode! I didn’t really remember it at all so it was refreshing to watch. I loved how you find out the culprit early but the mystery is more about WHAT they are up to, not WHO DID IT. A nice change. And I especially liked that because my current WIP follows a similar mystery format.

I loved all the things Veronica did to get the answers she needed. Dressing up as a gamer and pretending to play badly just to piss off the person she needed to identify. Sneaking into a college party as an extreme dork. Figuring out an alarm code by punching it into her cell phone. Etc etc.

I definitely felt the Logan-pining in this episode. There were several loooong glances in Veronica’s direction. I liked the little silent bond they had because she helped him create a video that was closer to Lilly’s personality.

I loved the flashbacks in this episode. I feel like we really got to know the old Veronica, the old Duncan, and especially Lilly. My fave part is when Celeste asks Lilly to cover up her chest so she exposes it more and then says she only has so many bra-free days left.

Troy was sort of absent in this episode. This ep was more Veronica-Logan building than Veronica-Troy.

I didn’t quite believe she would dive under water at the end of the episode. Strip down yes, but her hair and make-up were so nice! Guess that shows just how different Veronica and I are. Also the fact that I am not a teenage private detective. (And probably a lot of other similarities…except height.)

What did you think?

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  1. Remember how I said last time I’d watched the next episode and I loved it so much it almost made me forget the one before? Well, this was the one. I loved loved loved it. Especially Logan, the bonding moments they had, not only at the unveiling of the fountain, but before that, when she sits beside him while he’s working on the video. I was in a constant state of squee watching that.

    I also loved the flashbacks, the fun the two couples had. And how right Lilly was about how that pink was the wrong dress for Veronica. I can’t get over how much she changes.

    One detail I especially liked was the dressing up Veronica does: gamer girl, nerd… At first I was a little mistrustful that she should have such a big wardrobe, but when you look at them, they are just ordinary clothes any girl could have. It’s more how she wears them, they hairstyles/wigs… It’s a very good way to show how Veronica’s mind works.

    The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was that Wallace would pick such an obviously stupid girlfriend. Not that she’s not cute, but come on, to fall for THAT?

    Oh, one other tiny bit I liked: during the drinking game, when Duncan admits to being a virgin and Veronica says “you are so cool!” I thought that was sweet. Wonder if it’s true though, about Duncan being a virgin then…

    • Oh, one other tiny bit I liked: during the drinking game, when Duncan admits to being a virgin and Veronica says “you are so cool!” I thought that was sweet.

      Me, too! It made me love Duncan so much more — he’s sort of bland in the beginning of the season, maybe because of the anti-depressants. (Except for when he goes off of them!)

  2. Sorry, I lost track of this completely the past few weeks and haven’t been participating!

    This is one of my favorite episodes. It was the first time I started to see why everyone always goes on and on about Veronica and Logan — up to that point he just seemed like too much of a jerk (and was too different from what I’d been expecting) for me to think I could ever like him.

    Oh, and I love the scene where Keith shows up with a “drug sniffing dog” to plant a bug in the dorm room. I pretty much love all the episodes where Keith gets involved in Veronica’s cases. They play so well off each other, and make a great team as detectives and as comic relief.

  3. I love this episode!

    I was amused to find that Grant’s sidekick thug is now on Grey’s Anatomy – I hadn’t recognized him when he first showed up at Seattle Grace.

    I love the intricacies of this plot, and her Aliases/costume changes. I love the Logan-Veronica peace. I love her with Troy here, too.

    But for the record, I can’t quite believe she’d wreck her hair like that, either.

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