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1. For the next few weeks, please head over to Sonia’s blog for the Veronica Mars discussions on Thursdays. She’s taking over hosting while I go to BEA and get married, then celebrate on my honeymoon. I’ll continue hosting at the end of June.

2. Speaking of getting married, I’m now 12 days away. Weather-stalking has become my new obsession. (So far so good, but the weather continues to change drastically every few hours. Keep your fingers crossed!) We have most everything done for the wedding, except a few arts and crafts projects (like making various signs) that we couldn’t do until now. We got the marriage license last week and the boy is picking it up tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s almost here. I’m sooooo excited!

3. And I’m really looking forward to that vacation in Hawaii afterward.

4. But before that, it’s BEA! I’m going to be blogging as much as I can about the expo. For live updates, please follow the #BEAYA twitter hashtag  and I created so non-BEA-goers can follow along and BEA-goers can easily find each other in the Javits center. Tonight I’m going to the Teen Author Carnival at the NYPL so if you see me, please say hi! Tuesday is panel day at the conference. Wednesday is when the signings and galley giveaways are, plus a blueboarder dinner, plus kidlit drinks! I CAN’T WAIT!

5. Denise Jaden, as mentioned above, is staying in my apartment this week. So nice to spend time with her! (Even though I forced her to watch the LOST finale last night when she’s never seen the show before. haha.)

6. My blogs here will probably go up super late or super early the next day since I doubt I’ll get home or leave at a reasonable hour. It’s convenient to live in NJ near NYC and not have to pay for a hotel room, inconvenient because it makes commuting a lot longer than if I was staying at a hotel right next door.

7. As far as my massive revisions. Here’s the latest. I finished all the plot changes a while ago. I cut about 30% of the novel and added about as much more. The word count stayed relatively the same. I LOVE ALL THE NEW SCENES. I’m so excited about them. The novel is definitely stronger. I have been working on the voice/line edits, but it’s going slow only because I’ve had so little time to work on it with the wedding and the teaching course I was taking. I’ve done about 65% of the voice changes and I love them too. The book is much funnier/wittier now, my heroine is gutsier, and I think everything is consistent. I probably won’t get much time to work on this until either after my honeymoon or possibly on the 14 hour plane travel days.

8. Some how so far I’ve had the will power to not read SPIRIT BOUND. I’m totally shocked at myself, but I want to save it for the honeymoon. I haven’t read anything in almost a month only because of lack of time. Whenever I have a free second, I spend it on wedding-related things or revisions.

9. Hope everyone is doing well!

YAY for BEA!

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  1. Yay for BEA and new hashtags, Yay for revision success, yay for Veronica Mars. Boo for LOST finale. Just sayin’…

    Do you think it’s weird to comment on someone’s blog when they’re right in the other room?

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