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So I got home after midnight last night and had to wake up at 5:30am today, which killed the blogging possibilities. Tomorrow night will be worse, however you can follow my BEA-related tweets at @shanasilver or #beaya. I will be tweeting more tomorrow because I’ll actually bring my phone charger with me instead of forgetting it like I did today!

Last night was the Teen Author Carnival at the NYPL. There were 3 different panels, one focused on Love and Heartbreak, one focused on Real Life, and one focused on Mystery and Suspense. It was really interesting to hear the different perspectives on the various topics. My favorite was during the Real Life panel when someone asked about their different writing processes and of course…everyone had a different answer! Some outlined. Some wrote whatever scenes came to them in random order. Some could only write chronologically. Some had an entirely different process for each book. Some know the beginning, ending, and a key scene in the middle and write in the hopes of getting to those points. Very interesting. They also gave away a lot of ARCs I’m super excited to read. I scored:

Here are some photos from each of the panels. Apologies for the terrible quality of the first panel. It was hard to photograph because of the window.
PANEL 1: Love and Romance



Stay tuned for my post about BEA day 1 including notes from the Tween panel.

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