The Silver Lining | Aloha from Hawaii

I didn’t have a chance to blog before the wedding and I finally have a few minutes to write from Hawaii. This is probably the only post I’ll do from here (mostly because it’s so damn hard to type with these fake nails. And also, because I’m doing honeymoon related things. I know what you’re thinking, but I’m talking about hiking. And going on the most dangerous boat ride of my life in which I’m still suffering many charlie horses from but I saw amazing scenery. Also, reading! More on all that when I get back).

I come home June 18th and I’ll do a BEA recap soon after, a wedding recap with lots and lots of pics, and then I’ll do a honeymoon post. All while I get back to revising my poor WIP! Oh, book, I miss you so much! I know we haven’t spent a lot of time together but I’ve been thinking about you. A lot.

(Oh and hi there new future book. Why yes, I’ve been thinking about you too.)

Anyway, since  has done the part I haven’t had a chance to do, upload some images so I can post them here since they only live on facebook right now, I’m stealing here links and posting these to hold you over until I can get more pics up. I will say this. The wedding was amazing, everything I dreamed it would be, even if I didn’t get to experience much of it! (Like the food.) I only had one bridezilla moment and it was apparently a first for the wedding coordinator. Oopsie. I thought I would cry all night because I’m sensitive but it turns out I have an inner actress I didn’t know about who decided to make her debut appearance during the vows. I remember thinking, "Okay, Shana, this is being filmed by the videographer so remember to annunciate and act cute." I guess I came off cheery and confident instead of the shaking mess I was inside. Also, I didn’t want to ruin my makeup with tears.

The weather held out! It was supposed to thunderstorm but it didn’t! I deserved it after a snowed out engagement party that prevented my own parents attending and a rainy bridal shower.

I’m very excited to be calling my boy my husband and not just because I hated saying the word fiance! I’m also super excited to legally change my last name when I get home but for writing purposes I’ll always be Shana Silver. (Silver was a penname anyway to separate my writing and graphic careers in google.)

Here’s a pic of me and my hubby! And then a close up of the dress. 

More about the wedding later and also the honeymoon. I will say this, Hawaii is beautiful but everything beautiful requires either a hike or a boat ride, both of which I suck at. But…the fruit is amazingly delicious. I had the best pineapple of my life only to be replaced an hour later by the best pineapple of my life.

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  1. Hi there! This is all new to me, but I love your entry. Sounds like Hawaii is pretty amazing! Why was the boat so dangerous? Did you get startled by some fish? By the way, the SU folks that have seen your Wedding pics on FB, say you looked gorgeous! You seriously were the most beautiful bride! And I couldn’t believe that EVERYONE danced! It was an amazing time. Can you being me back a coconut or pineapple? Have I told you the coconut story? My Mother’s friend asked her three year old Grandson that she would get him anything in the world that he wanted for Christmas. He thought and thought and the next day he had his Mother call his Grandmother and put him on the phone. He told her he wanted a coconut. Isn’t that so funny!

    I am at the mill right now and I’ve been here since 6:30am. I am exhausted. Looking forward to the bbq in Madison Square Park this weekend!


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  2. Oh, Shana, you looked so beautiful, and I hope you’re having a great time in Hawaii! Can’t wait to see you again when you come back. (When you’re in MA we’re totally meeting up!)


  3. Congrats! Glad things are going well and that you had good weather. The pictures are gorgeous! What a beautiful bride you are. =)

    Hubby and I will be celebrating our 12th anniversary in July and seeing your pictures is a good reminder to take a moment and look back at how it all began. *sigh* What the @$! was I thinking? =0 Just kidding. 😉

    Hope you have a great time in Hawaii!!

  4. Congratulations! And, let me say, that dress is gorgeous! But nothing compared to the gorgeousness that is you, of course. The dress just sets it off. Or something. English is not my native language so I’ll shut up now.

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